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Working from home, stuffing envelopes: The facts

The recent rapid advances in technology have facilitated an increase in at home jobs. With the emergence of online communication systems, physical contact is no longer required between employees and employers. This article focuses on the factors involved when you work from home.

Freelance writers and inventors

Freelance writers
A popular way of working from home is freelance writing.
This has become one of the most popular methods to make money online and you will find plenty of opportunities on the web for this field.
Even if most writers for print publications will work in offices, there are some freelance writers who work for such companies from home. Inventors
Because of the independent nature of their work, many entrepreneurs or inventors will also work primarily from home.
They will, however, in all likelihood need to leave their homes to seek business such as pitching to prospective investors and/or pitching to prospective wholesalers.
This is also the case with some computer programming jobs.

Gaming, creative jobs and scams

This is one of the main ways in which many top gamers work from home for free and earn money through game streaming and beta testing.
The former involves the person either recording themselves playing games or compiling impressive highlight reels which they will then upload to Youtube (or other such sites) .
In this case, you will earn a significant amount of advertising money.
Beta testing is where the person receives some sample games before their release.
They can therefore test and give their feedback on their playing experience. Creative jobs
Because novelists are essentially self-employed, they lose or gain money pretty much exclusively off their own back.
Creative writers will work at home or from any personally productive environment/inspiring place.
The same also applies for musicians. Scams
One must be wary, however, of work from home scams, which typically offer much money for suspiciously little effort.
Indeed, only one in 42 purported work-from-home schemes are deemed legitimate.
The most popular scam one was the ‘stuff envelopes from home’.
This scam originates from the Great Depression in the United States in the 1920’s, whereby ‘workers’ paid a $2 dollar joining fee and were encouraged to stuff envelopes from home for money.

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