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Jennifer Yaniz Internet Wonder Woman Jennifer Yaniz Internet Wonder Woman
Articles : 498
Since : 13/08/2013
Category : Marketing & Social Media


Seluar merah? Kenapa seluar merah? dah la ikhwah. Hehe, simple. Merah is berani, merah is something new, and this is what this blog all about, keberanian to put on something new, to represent Islam in a new light. Btw, aku suka rojak, so bahasa yang akan digunakan dalam blog ini juga rojak, campur bm + bi, aku suka tomyam jugak, so macam tomyam, isu-isu berkaitan agama yang akan dibincangkan dalam blog ni jugak pelbagai-bagai rupa,bentuk dan karenah, aku jugak suka sambal belacan, so kadang-kadang, kata2 yg digunakan akan terasa pedas-pedas ngilu gitu. muahahaha
Ikhwah Seluar Merah Ikhwah Seluar Merah
Articles : 22
Since : 30/07/2013
Category : Religions & Beliefs

La Gwazette des Doudous

Notre vie en Gwada
lesDoudous lesDoudous
Articles : 23
Since : 27/07/2013
Category : Lifestyle

Quiet Thoughts © (Copyrighted work in Safe Creative)
Belén Fabra Belén Fabra
Articles : 16
Since : 24/05/2013
Category : Literature, Comics & Poetry

Quelques astuces et bons plans pour les amoureux de l'Ecosse !
Flo Flo
Articles : 22
Since : 21/02/2013
Category : Travel, Places & Events

Blog-ressources d'histoire des idées pédagogiques plus particulièrement dédié aux pédagogues protestants
A. Ruolt A. Ruolt
Articles : 30
Since : 25/12/2012
Category : Jobs, Education & Studies

The FG Madness

My loophole is to take a pen and try to write sentences words that go through my head ..... It is true that I am an "Amateur" but it prevents me explode and ruin my life ....So what follows is a set of words that would make sense or not (depends on you) .... Words that saved my life one day ..
The Freaky Girl The Freaky Girl
Articles : 45
Since : 10/12/2012
Category : Literature, Comics & Poetry


Aselblade Aselblade
Articles : 1705
Since : 26/06/2012
Category : Politics

not swift

Saki Saki
Articles : 282
Since : 18/06/2012
Category : Lifestyle


Android and iOS Games Cheat Codes
Oscar L. Martinez Oscar L. Martinez
Articles : 21
Since : 02/10/2016
Category : Gaming & Video Gaming

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Amelia Daniel Amelia Daniel
Articles : 484
Since : 09/02/2018
Category : Economy, Finance & Legal


Georgeta Popoiu Georgeta Popoiu
Articles : 130
Since : 14/10/2017
Category : Beauty, Health & Fitness


"There's nothing you can see that isn't shown."
Maraschio Yvano Maraschio Yvano
Articles : 33
Since : 21/03/2016
Category : Religions & Beliefs

poynings's name

start using overblog
poynings poynings
Articles : 86
Since : 08/05/2011
Category : Lifestyle

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Ben Wilson Ben Wilson
Articles : 57
Since : 20/05/2014
Category : Tech & Science

WereWolfs school

Welcome to Werewolfs school from elementary to university
Roji Malik Roji Malik
Articles : 5
Since : 09/01/2014
Category : Beauty, Health & Fitness

Blog của thuhuong

Blog của thuhuong
thu huong thu huong
Articles : 193
Since : 02/04/2016
Category : Marketing & Social Media

Emma Vitrail

Emma Vitrail Emma Vitrail
Articles : 15
Since : 11/07/2016
Category : Lifestyle

laugh-detente's name

Humour, games and detente. That's this blog...
laugh-detente laugh-detente
Articles : 30
Since : 13/03/2010
Category : Humor & Comedy

«« AkhlD™ »»

Are you a programer ? or someone trebbled with programs...then come to my blog theres a lots of posts related to your problem...i can solve ur problems with your Registry,programing with c/c++,Java,VB.NET,VBS,etc
»»-| AkhlD |-«« »»-| AkhlD |-««
Articles : 33
Since : 28/02/2009
Category : Lifestyle