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La petite boutique des horreurs du Mercenar

#Geek #Gamer #Otaku #Cinephile
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Since : 10/04/2017
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The MapMakersWorld _CONSCIOUSness SHIFT_blog

"New conscious shifts old paradigms." We accompany in areas that can`t be taught - for people who already know it. The best thing we can give of us, is a reminder of your own imagination / fantasy that reminds you of who you are already been.
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Since : 18/07/2014
Category : Entrepreneurship

Joseph K. Levene Fine Art, Ltd. on overblog

Dealer secondary market fine art & fine art advsory with 3 decades multifaceted fine art experience
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Since : 26/03/2013
Category : Fashion, Art & Design

How to become the best storyboard artist

Have you always loved drawing comic characters since a young age? Then maybe you have a career as storyboard artist. A story board artist is one who turns words into a visual story. Clarity of storyboard is most important. To become the Best Storyboard Artist with a professional touch, you might probably have to receive an education in art or specifically storyboarding. A storyboard artist creates storyboards for films, video games and television programs. This means you will have tocreate avisualization of one or more scenes in still images on a piece of paper, or in a computer. If you want to write storyboards for film then you should understand film and film making process. You should also possess knowledge about different camera angles so that you can understand what exactly the director wants from you. Once you have turned the story into a virtual masterpiece, you can take your director and the entire team on tour through the entire story, narrating and describing your boards. If you are looking for the Best Storyboard Artist for your project, then here are some tips to find a reliable artist. Artist’s Portfolio:You can either request him to send his portfolio to you or you can visit the artist’s website and browse through his works. Artist’s Style:Each artist have their own style. See whose style fits the project you have in mind and hire them. Willingness to Revise: Best storyboard artist’s take suggestions and ideas from their clients and try to revise their work if needed. Meet Deadlines:The artist should be aware of the time schedule and must keep giving you frequent updates on the status of the project.
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Since : 20/08/2018
Category : Home, Crafting & DIY

Artist Becarelli Count Dussi

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Since : 30/05/2013
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My Social Book

Be part of Gen C. ! Are you digital natives and exceptionally tech-savvy ? You're welcome !
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Since : 20/12/2013
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Thank you or welcome😊 I'm animal lover.
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Fashion Ave.

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Since : 01/06/2012
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Wiz is your faaather

mhmm..... Nop.
Wiz Wiz
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virtual gallery of professional artists living
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Traditional oil paintings

oil on canvas gallery by the artist Adina Lupan
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Since : 20/07/2014
Category : Fashion, Art & Design

Tripto Alley

Catering thy creative self through art, poetry, passage, cooking and gardening.
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Since : 06/10/2011
Category : Lifestyle

My trip to Australia

SYDNEY, Melbourne, ...
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Since : 29/06/2014
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D. Westry Enterprises, LLC

D. Westry Enterprises, LLC is a reputed speed painting company where you can meet D. Westry, who is the world’s famous speed painter, entertainer and speaker who perform amazing high energy speed painting shows in several prestigious events such as Award shows, charity shows, corporate events, private events, Tv shows and so on that wows global audiences. Keep visiting our blog to get updates and information.
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Since : 17/02/2020
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Blog posts about my fine art artworks (paintings, drawings), craft and design.
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Since : 27/01/2017
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Folow @digitalsense168 / Distributor Scanner Plustek di INDONESIA. dengan pengalaman 19 tahun bergerak dibidang scanner dan graphic tablet sejak 1995, kami akan memberikan layanan terbaik bagi anda.
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Since : 24/09/2014
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Since : 01/03/2013
Category : Fashion, Art & Design