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Wrongful Termination Attorney Los Angeles
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Since : 27/03/2018
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Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach

At the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, A Professional Corporation, you will find an attorney with a reputation for results. Led by Los Angeles workers compensation attorney William J. Kropach, his firm has been protecting the rights of injured workers for nearly four decades. For more than 40 years, the law firm has helped countless men and women recover the proper worker’s compensation settlement needed to address their medical bills, damages, and lost wages. Located in Encino, Los Angeles and all over California, since 1978 their law firm has been handling complex and difficult workers' compensation cases. His Law Firm takes on appeals for denied work injury claims and has experience representing clients from a large number of various industries. Whether you have suffered an injury while working as a construction worker, nurse, truck driver or in any other profession, they can help you file your workers’ compensation claim so you can obtain the benefits you need and deserve.
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Minert Law Office

Minert Law Office assists clients in criminal law cases as well as those involving estate planning and family cases. The Boise law firm handles criminal charges such as DUIs, Violent crimes, theft, drug charges, traffic violations, and other charges. Steve Minert is a member of the United States District Court; Clients have praised the attorney for his professionalism and hard work. To get a free initial consultation with our attorney call us at 208.991.3394
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Since : 06/10/2020
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Personal Injury Attorney Virginia

Jack T. Randall, a personal injury attorney in Virginia at Randall Page, P.C.
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Since : 10/06/2020
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Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney
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Since : 12/02/2018
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Los Angeles Employment Lawyer

Armond Marcarian , an experienced Los Angeles employment lawyer at Marcarian Law Firm, P.C.
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Since : 07/12/2020
Category : Economy, Finance & Legal

Kornberg Law Firm

A personal injury attorney in Los Angeles Howard Craig Kornberg has earned a solid reputation throughout California for his high ethical standards in representing clients and his exceptional trial skills. The Law firm honored that many of its clients are referred to the firm by lawyers, professionals, and judges for exceptional personal service and a results-driven focus.
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Since : 21/09/2021
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