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Riame's Name

Hi there! I'm Riame and my blog is about beauty, makeup, food, fashion, reviews, hair and a whole lot of other quirky and cute things! Feel free to visit daily and browse around, I update regularly now. ^^
Articles : 354
Since : 03/05/2009
Category : Beauty, Health & Fitness


Bons plans à Paris パリ発信の情報がいっぱい
Articles : 342
Since : 18/02/2015
Category : Lifestyle

The Webapp Cat

cross-platform • open source • apps developer
Articles : 148
Since : 09/04/2013
Category : Tech & Science

Shut up...I'm dreaming

Questo è un blog in tre parti, in tre lingue, francese, italiano e inglese. Il mio scopo è di condividere con voi testi canzoni e libri, Lo dedico a tutti quelli che non hanno una voce e che magari hanno bisogno di uno spazio dove trovare qualcuno che capirà. For those who did not understand: You will find here a place to share, listen and be listened as long as you want it. Amis francophones, ici vous trouverez un lieu de rencontre si jamais vous vous etes déjà senti incompris.
Articles : 104
Since : 25/04/2014
Category : Literature, Comics & Poetry

Ufana's Thoughts

An Exhausted Philophobe.
Articles : 120
Since : 04/06/2014
Category : Lifestyle

Tina's Advice Page

Any questions or topics you'd like me to discuss: As you can see this is my advice page where I give advice to people and also talk about my life, I hope you enjoy!!
Articles : 487
Since : 31/01/2015
Category : Lifestyle

Shahzaad Ausman

Shahzaad Ausman is a movie producer who is responsible for making sure an appealing, high-quality movie is produced on time and within budget.
Articles : 16
Since : 07/08/2020
Category : Movies, TV & Videos


my blogs usually tackles about life, relationship, love and faith..i added some poems that i purpose is to touch someone's life, in order for them to see life in more lighter and positive way..hope my visitors will like my page..God speed..=)
Articles : 47
Since : 17/08/2011
Category : Lifestyle


Thanks for visiting my site. This is all about everything. Everything that comes under the sun. Could be food, music, work related, learning, online opporunities and many more!
Articles : 42
Since : 02/06/2015
Category : Marketing & Social Media

Settled In Heaven

A text & video blog striving to honor Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through Bible lessons, devotionals, Sunday School studies and small group studies.
Articles : 180
Since : 25/03/2014
Category : Religions & Beliefs


wisdom & truth from above that's pure and give life n peace
Articles : 7
Since : 13/11/2009
Category : Religions & Beliefs