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Ufana's Thoughts

An Exhausted Philophobe.
Articles : 120
Since : 04/06/2014
Category : Lifestyle

Diary of Experience....!

This blog create in fews purpose. The first one is to note​ and record about my experience. The second is to share what I have know and my personal reflection to social , life ,and love.s
Articles : 38
Since : 17/08/2015
Category : Literature, Comics & Poetry


my blogs usually tackles about life, relationship, love and faith..i added some poems that i purpose is to touch someone's life, in order for them to see life in more lighter and positive way..hope my visitors will like my page..God speed..=)
Articles : 47
Since : 17/08/2011
Category : Lifestyle

હું અને મારી ઋતુ

અધૂરા એમ છતાં સંપૂર્ણ એવા અતુલ્ય પ્રેમની અવિસ્મરણીય યાદો.
Raj Raj
Articles : 52
Since : 14/06/2016
Category : Literature, Comics & Poetry

California Witch
Articles : 18
Since : 10/04/2020
Category : Family & Kids

Overload Day

Overload Day Adalah Media Online yang Berisikan Informasi Mengenai Musik & Entertaiment, Love, Fashion, Lifestyle dan Travel Yang Akan berguna bagi kalian guys.
Articles : 61
Since : 20/04/2015
Category : Music & Entertainment

Bagus's Style So Cool...

About our party, anniversary, holiday, love, birthday, sport, music, wedding, hobby and traveling.
Articles : 31
Since : 15/03/2017
Category : Jobs, Education & Studies

Beauty Everywhere

Everything about styles,beauty,fashion!
Articles : 178
Since : 11/04/2015
Category : Fashion, Art & Design

Settled In Heaven

A text & video blog striving to honor Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through Bible lessons, devotionals, Sunday School studies and small group studies.
Articles : 180
Since : 25/03/2014
Category : Religions & Beliefs

“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.”

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh
Articles : 12
Since : 16/03/2015
Category : Lifestyle

Shahzaad Ausman

Shahzaad Ausman is a movie producer who is responsible for making sure an appealing, high-quality movie is produced on time and within budget.
Articles : 16
Since : 07/08/2020
Category : Movies, TV & Videos

Crazy's Blog

There are some fact, entertain, news, blogs and etc.
Articles : 13
Since : 03/12/2010
Category : Economy, Finance & Legal

priyanka,IB' sweetu's name
Articles : 15
Since : 16/03/2009
Category : Literature, Comics & Poetry

How To Service High School Advice

I love to be myself and being around ppl that care about me. I'm happy for having a special someone loving me.
Articles : 16
Since : 25/09/2014
Category : Lifestyle

Only God Can Judge Me

I have been judge in my past. But I know god can only judge me. I don't need to care about what people think about me.
Articles : 11
Since : 26/04/2014
Category : Lifestyle

Articles : 234
Since : 01/03/2013
Category : Fashion, Art & Design
Articles : 395
Since : 30/01/2013
Category : Fashion, Art & Design