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Sugar Rush

All my favorite family recipes and random thoughts too!
Articles : 36
Since : 12/12/2009
Category : Food & Drink


This is just a blog I put together for myself. I am very pleased with the Over blog website. They make this process so easy.
Articles : 235
Since : 13/09/2011
Category : Home, Crafting & DIY

my-writing's name

Well basically, it's me writing about a load of random stuff. Makes good for entertainment!!
Articles : 72
Since : 20/09/2011
Category : Home, Crafting & DIY
Articles : 250
Since : 13/04/2013
Category : Lifestyle

The Burned Sausage

The life and times of a pessimistic Hotel Manager E:mail me
Articles : 50
Since : 09/04/2012
Category : Lifestyle


I am bored and I want to play a game. Post comments about topics you want me to talk about, or questions for advice Oh, and you don't need to give me your personal information it still sends the comment.
Articles : 30
Since : 18/10/2011
Category : Literature, Comics & Poetry