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yashadi panditharathne

yashadi panditharathne


just for you

just for you

thoughts about you
yashadi panditharathne yashadi panditharathne
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Since : 16/06/2014

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මිය ගිහින්දෝ ඒ අතීතය ඔබේ සිනහව මගේ වූ දින වැලලුනාදෝ ඒ අතීතය අපිට අප පමනක් පෙනුන දින ඇදහුවාදෝ ඔබේ සිත එය මා නොමැති ලොව සතුට එන බව සිතනව

poets in 21st century...

Killing is lot better than betraying..


Nights are scary Not because its silent Not because its dark But because of demons Who hurts you And kills you inside.. And i wonder how to rescue Rescue you from devils eye And to make sure you are safe With a peaceful soul inside.. My hands are too far Far away to hold you To wrap you in my arms And to protect you from deathly nights.. So i pray

Brain vs Heart

Too beautiful to be seen or feel..