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Stevie Holt

Stevie Holt


MS......Jog on!

MS......Jog on!

My journey to rid my body of PPMS via HSCT in Moscow, 16/06/2014.
Stevie Holt Stevie Holt
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Final Post @+2 years.

I so wish I could say that this is my final post because Im off to live my life happily ever after but sadly thats not the case. After hours of time spent contemplating wether to post or not, I decided its only right to be honest, as I have been throughout my journey, and to let people know every cloud doesn't always have a silver lining. Throughou

1 month home. (Day 0+45)

Can't believe what I've just written in title. Day 0+45. Time flies. So I've been home a month and wanted to blog an update, though don't really know where to start! A good tip would be to remember what all previous pioneers say. Recovery really is a rollercoaster and at times confusing, scary and emotional. After a great first couple of weeks thin

Follow on from 6 month blog.

If you remember my post 6 month mri in London showed "new minor lesions and recent activity." I emailed Dr F immediately and he replied to send out the mri so they could assess and not to start the chemo infusions London offered. After a long wait this side, (NHS), Dr F replied today; Steve, I have our MRI specialist opinion. Fortunately, we didn't


I honestly thought my final blog would have been yesterday, but things happened beyond anyones control and I spent most of the day on 2 cleansing drips, cleaning my blood, body after the effects of the previous day. Today, 16/07/2014, exactly 1 month after being taken into the care of this truly fantastic team of people, and I mean that from the 2

Spoke to Dr F.

The ongoing saga of my different mri results (Moscow and London) rolls on! After receiving lots of help and advice from fellow pioneers, including from several, "check to see if you have a UTI," I decided to do just that. Apparently having one and MS affects all motor skills and functioning and as I am struggling with mobility I thought why not. I

9 months today.

Well its 05.15am in London town and guess what-its raining!! Early I know for me to be up and writing but when you type like a man with 1 finger you need an early start in order to try and finish on the same day you started!! Well I've been having a pretty rough time of it lately. The GP just happened to throw into conversation whilst I was there f

Day 0+ 23-Update

Hi Well it certainly seems like its been a while!! Thought I'd let you all know whats been going on in my life. First thing I want to say is regarding Kellie. She was next door to me in Moscow, a great laugh and a warm friendly soul. Why is it only the good die young? Our thoughts are with her family. So we got released,evicted,discharged from the

18 month post HSCT. (Not good reading.)

Some of you know I was the first UK man to travel to Moscow. My rebirth date was 02/07/2014. Even though my 6 month post mri showed progression my 12 month post mri showed no further progression! Boy was I happy with that! However since then my EDSS has increased and I struggled to complete the 20m walk today at the National in London even with a r

Post 6 month mri.

I haven't posted as much as I intended due to other aspects of life and the bumpy road of recovery! For those that don't know, my name is Steve Holt, I'm a 53 year old Londoner diagnosed with PPMS in March 2011. I am the first British man to undergo hsct in Moscow. I was cared for by the amazing Dr Fedorenko and his team in June/July 2014. The care

1 year post. (Actually 13.5 month!)

Recovery..................Mmmm. It is what they say it is people. A never ending rollercoaster but I think time is one of the important factors here. As I've already said its been difficult. Seems like never ending aches and pains, spasticity and then progress one day, regress the next. After my 6 month mri when London said I was still progressing