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Decanter centrifuge for Oilfield Solids Control

Decanter centrifuge for Oilfield Solids Control

KOSUN has been providing a complete line of solids control equipment for the oilfield industry and the environmental industry for over 20 years. KOSUN provides all the solids control equipment, such as shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, etc.


KOSUN Oilfield Drilling Mud Solids Control

KOSUN Oilfield Drilling Mud Solids Control
Decanter centrifuge for Oilfield Solids Control Decanter centrifuge for Oilfield Solids Control
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Chemical slurry processing centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is used to separate (dewater) solid materials from liquids in solids control system when they are mixed together in mud. Besides, decanter centrifuge is applied in many industries such as: 1. Solids separation (oil well drilling, refining, de-watering) 2. Industrial and biological wastewater treatment 3. Food processing (olive o

Centrifugal pump matched with mud desander

Generally, in drilling fluid solids control system, centrifugal pump matched with other solids control equipment like desander, desilter, jet mud mixer. It has a wide range of performance (including flow, pressure head and the conveyed medium nature adaptability), small volume, simple structure, easy operation, low operating cost and other merits.

Shale shaker performance of solids control system

As a key mud solids control equipment, shale shaker consists of vibration motor, compound rubber spring, stainless steel shale shaker screen mesh framework, screen box and start switch. The product through the vibration motor which drives the eccentric block moves high speed. The strong centrifugal force acts on the elastic vibrator make the bottom

Ways to keep shale shaker in normal operation

During the process of mud solids control, there are some unavoidable problems. Here we arrange a few common breakdowns and relevant solutions of drilling fluids shale shaker. 1. Can not be started or amplitude vibrating screen is too small. Should first consider accessibility electrical damage the motor or circuit components for damage, then it may

Hydrocyclone for liquid mixture separation

A hydrocyclone is most often used to separate "heavies" from a liquid mixture originating at a centrifugal pump or some other continuous source of pressurized liquid. A hydrocyclone is most likely to be the right choice for processes where "lights" are the greater part of the mixture and where the "heavies" settle fairly easily. In oilfield drillin

Serial adjustment of centrifugal pump

Usually, the selected centrifugal pump flow rate, pressure head may be different from pipeline requirement, or because the production tasks, technological requirements changes, requiring the pump flow adjusting, essence is changing centrifugal pump operating point. Centrifugal pump operating point is jointly determined by pump characteristic curve

Horizontal decanter centrifuge in industry

The main types of decanter centrifuge are the vertical orientation, horizontal orientation and Conveyor/Scroll. In vertical centrifuge,also called vertical cuttings dryer in DWM control field, the rotating assembly is mounted vertically with its weight supported by a single bearing at the bottom or suspended from the top. The gearbox and bowl are s

Points to using drilling linear shale shaker

Attention matters about shale shaker start-up Shale shaker will encounter when starting situation does not start properly, so when it starts shale shaker in soilds control system, we need to pay attention to the following points: 1. Shaker voltage 380v three-phase power is needed. 2. Vibration motor must be intact. 3. Control lines in the electrica

Check-up methods of decanter centrifuge

The decanter centrifuge has been widely applied in drilling fluids solids control system. Due to the high rotation speed provided by decanter centrifuge, if any abnormal situation happed in use, stop running and check for solution immediately. Decanter Centrifuge Common Problems and Corresponding Solutions: Problem 1: excessive vibration of decante

Drilling decanter centrifuge manufacturer

The rapid development of the decanter centrifuge over the 20th century saw it expand into a vast range of over 100 industrial applications. Further development since then has seen the refinement of machine design and control methods, improving its overall performance, which allows the system to respond quickly to varying feed conditions. The newest