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Quran Tutor

Quran Tutor

Our online Quran learning schools is registered in the state of Maryland, USA.
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Tips For Muslim Women For Managing The Schedule In An Appropriate Way

Fourteen hundred years ago Islam was the religion that acknowledged the existence of women as equal human beings and gave them respect and rights which they never experienced or enjoyed in earlier ages. Islam realized the fact that in order for the society to function properly, women have to play their crucial role, therefore, they ought to be give

Emphasis of Islam on Living A Purposeful Life

We all live our lives. Some of us live the life in a happy way where we have all the amenities of life available and we spend our lives in a joyful spirit. There are others among us who although live life but their life is full of difficulties and quite in contrast to the former group. Regardless of whether we live life with joy or face difficultie

How Can A Muslim Husband Develop A Loving Relationship With The Wife

It won’t be exaggeration to say that the fiber of any society rests upon the relation between a husband and a wife. If both share mutual love and respect the result is a healthy family which then consequently breeds good children who grow up to be productive citizens of the society. Therefore, the bond of love has to be there among husband and a


The Holy Quran was disclosed upon Hazrat Muhammad PBUH in Makkah which is situated in the Arab land. The language of this Sacred Manuscript is Arabic, as it for initially meant for understanding of the people living in that area. But as Muslims are present throughout the world and it is difficult to understand Quran in this mode of speech, it is es

How Can Muslim Parents Raise Their Children In An Islamic Way

After the birth of a child, the first thing that goes through the mind of the parents is the upbringing of the child. The measures taken in upbringing of the child have a grave effect on the personality of the child and what he or she grows up to be, therefore, for sensible parents the strategy they are going to adopt in upbringing of the child is

How Should A Muslim Deal With Low Self-Esteem

There is no denying the fact that humankind has progressed leaps and bounds in terms of the standard of living compared to earlier civilization. However, all the progression, facilities and ease in life have still not been able to fill the void that is left in the personality of a person. Therefore, this age of progression and speed has increased t