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Pottery making and Traditional Dancing!

Everyone's still having a brilliant time here in Millau! Yesterday we had the pleasure of teaming up with our French host students to learn some traditional dances- what great fun, even if some of the steps were difficult to remember at first! Our dance teachers were very patient and demonstrated everything for us to follow. This morning we had a l

Discover Traditional Dance/ Découverte des danses Folkloriques!

La danse aujourd'hui était vraiment bon / drôle parce que, tout le monde ne savait pas vraiment quoi faire, donc c'était drôle de voir les "essayer" de danser (moi y compris, car je ne savais pas vraiment quoi faire, j'ai fait quelques erreurs comme-bien, si c'était drôle de me voir "essayer" de faire comme-bien ) . Les gens ont fait beaucoup

Yesterday, we had an educational visit around Millau, which included a visit to the Beffroi, atop which we were told about the extensive history of Millau. Likely one of the most interesting facts is the origin of Millau's flag ; supposedly, quite a while ago, a large battle was fought, and an important figure, whom I cannot remember at this moment

Traditional Dancing!

Aujourd’hui, après que les anglais aient passé la matinée dans les cours, j'ai accueilli Ellena et Maëlle pour qu'elle vienne manger chez moi. Lilou Ensuite, nous avons rejoint les autres à la ganterie Causse. Nous sommes allés dans un atelier de danse traditionnelle. Ils nous ont appris le brise-pieds, et plein d'autres danses. Certaines


To night i am staying over at cindy's housse in castelnau Pegayrols! I love it. She bas 4 horses called Tara, Just, Amour and Electra. I have bien to stroke them and they are very cute. She has a very big house and it is really nice. She also has cows and i saw a calf that had been born today. She has some hunting dogs aswell which are adorable. It
Enjoying our final days in Millau.

Enjoying our final days in Millau.

Everyone seems to have really enjoyed spending time in Millau with our wonderful French hosts... I'm sure there'll be tears tomorrow when we have to say goodbye! Last night we had a great time playing La Pétanque (a traditional French game, a bit like bowls) and then going bowling together. Mrs Stephenson was really good at bowling although everyo

Last full day in France

Today we are spending a day with our French host families. Its our last full day!! :( We are going to La Couvertoirade after lunch. I am looking forward to it! I'm really going to miss all the pupils but we have given each other our FB, snapchat etc. I'm also going to really miss my host family. Cecile (mother) is very nice and knows some English s
Quelques photos

Quelques photos

A few photos from the last 24 hours, including our dance lesson, visiting La Graufesenque, exploring the famous Roquefort cheese caves and admiring the viaduct...... Mrs S Ready to dance! Learning about the local pottery that was made 2000 years ago! In 'The temple' Making pottery Cheesy! Visiting the famous viaduct
Discovering Millau

Discovering Millau

We had a great day discovering Millau yesterday (Friday)... we began the day with a visit to the local market where students had the chance to browse the fruit and meat stalls before having a quick look in some of the local shops. We then had a guided tour of the Millau museum and learnt all about the history of glove-making in the area... Can anyo