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Fashion Devils

Fashion Devils

Two amazing pre-teens created this blog ( on a school bus!!!!) because of pure love ( we were a tiney bit bored on that bus!!!)! Please comment and subscribe!


Fashion Devils

Fashion Devils

Two Crazy Girls who thought they might write a blog
Fashion Devils Fashion Devils
Articles : 47
Since : 22/09/2014

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New Year Resolution 3

3) Be healthy and look after yourself. Seriously, save money and go crazy in Lush. Or anywhere, and food-wise, for those of you who like salty stuff like crisps go for nuts like almonds and stuff, and for the sweet lovers, all I can really suggest is gum. its not ideal but its way better.

New Year Resolution 2

2) Admit it when you're wrong. We all hate doing it, but when we do, we feel pretty proud.
DIY earphone decorations

DIY earphone decorations

Heyyy! Okay so I don't think we've done a post like this before but basically I'm just going to explain this really easy DIY. You'll need: a set of earphones or headphones Hama or perler beads (you'll need a lot) and scissors So basically all you have to do is cute through the bead to then widen it and put the beads onto the earphone wire.​ Voil


Hey guys, just a really quick post, go check out DIYWORLD101, she's a really cool and new you tuber...

Candy Minimalism

So this is a really random post but basically its about these really cool type of pictures called candy (or bright) minimalism. I have literally filled my Instagram feed with these, good people to follow are there are loads but these
That Awkward Season

That Awkward Season

I feel like I'm the only one to notice this but anyway, you know when it's like January/February and it's ment to be winter but there are those days where it's warm-ish or like really sunny and you get that bubbly feeling feeling inside of you that's shouting at you "it's summeeerrrr!!!" Do I sound like a total freak? I do don't I...


hi, remember to follow us on insta at @fashion_devils_123 or try pic collage now @fashiondevils123

New Year's resolution 1

​1) Don't hold grudges against people, forgive because you are a strong-minded person.

Another quote...

I forgive because I'm strong, not because I'm weak and I need all the friends I can get, but I remember. Friends should be there for you when you need them, not standing in the stalls laughing at your face. By me!

Inactivity issues...

Sorry for not being active guys! We had a little argument... At least we're OK again! So I guess sorry! I really love this blog, so we're going to post again. Right now, my house has no wifi, my dad took my phone and I finally got my dad to lend me his computer and create a hotspot! Yayyy!