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Денис Крыськов

Денис Крыськов


My personal pages

My personal pages

Moved from, shit happened, sorry
Денис Крыськов Денис Крыськов
Articles : 18
Since : 15/10/2014

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I am alive and continue my research

Yesterday I noticed that my published software was not functional because I forgot to put online a .C source file. Lack of complaints and bug-reports, and low visits counter indicates that probably noone is using my library. Still I keep working on my linear algebra code.

Outrunning Sage HNF subroutine

I earlier announced that I intend to modify W.Stein double-determinant algorithm computing HNF. In case someone reads my blog, I report current state of the project. Re-implementation of the algorithm (benefiting from Dixon linear solver and other fast subroutines) runs substantially faster... in most cases for all values of dimension (n) and fatne

Bionic on x86_64

Google published a number of GCC toolchains targeting a number of platforms (including x86 and x86_64 Android), and claims that the toolchain is open-source, but forgot to publish compilation instructions. x86 Android toolchain exists since 2011. Toolchain binary code installs on Gentoo/amd64 via dev-util/android-ndk*ebuild. Toolchain source code i

Why your Gentoo Linux is slow

Among many flavors of Linux, you chose Gentoo, because it is source-based. Which means software is compiled at your computer, and tuned the way you like (want this library but not that library; want this library with Python bindings and no documentation; want that library without assembly optimization, to test pure C code speed). And of course, you

Alyaska vote

Some person unable to write 4 sentences in English without big amount of mistakes placed a petition on US White House official site. Strange that the document was not rejected due to errors and unclear formulation. The petition calls for taking Alaska territory away from USA and passing it over to Russia. That's funny. I am writing this so you can

I can publish anything, but...

In my blog, I can post just anything on any topic, even criticise policy. Everyone can publish professional resume on I did that, too. However censors at got anxious about my lack of recommendations and decided to correct my page: they created section "recommendations" and transferred part of text from another sect

MPIR is for Windoz, GMP is for Linux

Yesterday I wrote a post describing how I managed to convince Sage to use MPIR instead of GMP on my desktop. Today I deleted that post, to write this post instead. Probably everybody except me knows that MPIR is slower than GMP under Linux, and nobody except me cares to publish a benchmark result proving this. Due to my lack of knowledge on the mat

GMP tuning makes it slower

Switching from untuned to tuned installation of GMP 6.0.0a, I experience minor slowdown, instead of speed improvement. Acoording to profile_sswdlr.gmp6_untuned.cout, it takes 12136.43 seconds to count HNF of five different random matrix of size 3000 with entries in range -2**8..2**8: n=3000 bits=8 Sage time=12136.43 After tuning I got n=3000 bits=8, bye

Since is nearly always down or does not allow me to log-in, I moved my blog here at Automagically moving blog partially succeeded. Internal links are still pointing to; level 2 pages are absent (for instance, my 'misc' pages did not make it). And I miss ability to mass-edit posts (such as delete or hi

Welcome to 90's

Moscow commercial banks are short of euros and dollars, so their customers have problem withdrawing money. By the letter of the law, Tsentrobank has reasons to close down the banks, for failing to keep contracts. Yesterday Sberbank cash machines located near and inside my local Sberbank were not working. I thought Sberbank did that on purpose, but