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Since : 20/02/2015


games for free
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Articles to discover

Fury of Metal

This was a regular day at the factory, but everything went wrong when a cleaner decided to get the assistance of the robots. He thinks his employer doesn't pay him well for this job, so he won't overload himself during the shift. The salvation to this problem is to make robots work instead you. However, they often understand human commands differen

Sumo Slammer Samurai

The exciting adventures of Ben 10 and his friends never end. Today our favourite hero is going to show some samurai lessons. Didn't you know, that he can learn fast and this craft seems easy for Ben 10? He doesn't know what to expect in the end, but this we will figure out later. First of all we have to understand where are we, what are those creat

Batman: Vengeance

This is not the first time when Batman saves Gotham city from the evil deeds of almighty villain the Joker. However, each time Batman prevents the catastrophe, the Joker escapes in the dark. This is unexplainable, but true. Seems like this battle will last for ages, but every time Batman finds the Joker and his thugs, there is a slight chance to ca

Gumball Pizzageddon

The world of Gumball and his friends is huge and full of exciting adventures. But still, time to time strange things happen and Gumball and his friends should deal with them. Now Larry has left the job and the city is a total mess and chaos. The apocalypse is near, so Gumball should find Larry and bring him back. However, this won't be easy as nobo

Zombie Pacman

Have you ever played Pac-Man before? This game has already become legendary and people around the world know everything about it. The game principle is quite simple, but we are not going to talk about it today. The invasion of zombies took place, so we have to deal with it somehow! In this game you are locked within a maze, with several zombies roa

USSR Ping Pong

Do you think, that Ping Pong is a harmless game? When the Russians play it, it looks completely different. Russians do all things different, but the funniest thing is that nobody else can do that. Russian people are tough and can deal with any trouble on their way. Even regular jokes never make them smile, so they entertain themselves the way they

Dashy Reaper

Time to time people seek for simple, but entertaining games to play on work or relax. Such game should be easy for understanding, pretty simple itself and require as less time as possible for learning the basics. People should have fun playing from the start and abandon the game anytime they want. There are not that many games that fit such kind of

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Long time ago the world was covered with shadow, but with the help of the Picori Sword the evil was banished. From that time the sword has become a relic, that people of Hyrule are proud of. Each year people celebrate the victory and have an entertaining competition, the winner of which has a right to touch a sword. As you might guess, this year ev

Ben 10: Destroy all Aliens. Battle with Waybig

Ben 10 is a familiar kid, that above all wants to have exciting adventures in his life. Having his ultimate device Omnitrix, he is forced to deal with various enemies, that mostly come from distant planets. Today, Ben 10 is going to face Waybig - a huge alien creature that wipes everything on its way. Ben 10 was running through the forest, when he


Have you ever wanted to become a professional racer? Riding a bike means possessing some important and unique skills, that are required for completing the race. The speed there is so high and the track is dangerous, that one mistake can change the direction of your life. Needless to say, that if you do everything right and show some skills, the glo