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W.J Mahlatse

W.J Mahlatse

I don't wait to be motivated, I motivate myself before any person can motivate me. I am a dreamer, and I live to fulfill my dreams


WJ Mahlatse

WJ Mahlatse

Hi there, and welcome to my website, I'm so glad you decided to stop by. On this website I plan to feature pictures from my daily life, travels near and far, and last, but not least, I also plan to write a little bit about the issues that are most important to me and to the world at large. My aim is to pinpoint the ignored issues in life and give motivation daily.
W.J Mahlatse W.J Mahlatse
Articles : 18
Since : 18/10/2014

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Dreams Do I choose which dream to dream in a specific night? Of course not. Here Dreams are referred to as Goals, as Ambitions, as Aims, as Visions, as Mission. Dreams are what one wants to achieve in the nearest future. Dreams are what keeps one up all day, sleeps less hours on a desire to reach his Goals. NB: Dreams here are also said to be Goals
Le Goodlife

Le Goodlife

Jiggz and the Legend himself #Jakarumba

I live to inspire

I live to inspire. People often complain about not being rich or not being successful hence they forget that for one to be rich or successful, one has to attract riches and success in his/her life and this is called "The Law of Attraction". Believe you me, if you know how to apply Law of Attraction, then you shall see wonders. Lets make an example


Your brain is always doing something. Even when you think it’s “offline” because you aren’t actively engaging a task or problem, your brain is busy reducing activity in some of its areas and increasing it in others. The question that’s preoccupied neuroscientists is, what’s the goal of all this brain activity when we aren’t outwardly

Educational melt down

It saddens me to stress that majority of the NSFAS dependent might be financially excluded this year. Is it because of malicious spending by the people who are supposed to be serving the nation or because Education was never meant for a Black Child? Its really saddening :'(