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Amy Zhou

Amy Zhou

Associated tags : health, diet, food, keep fit

Amy Zhou Amy Zhou
Articles : 51
Since : 20/11/2012
Category : Lifestyle

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How Does Fat Loss 4 Idiots Work For People?

What if I told you that a diet plan exists that allows you to eat all day and still lose weight? Being a person of inquisitive mind, your attention has been snagged. Well Fat Loss 4 Idiots has been doing just that. What a buzz this diet is stirring up with daidaihua! And no wonder. It's been a long time coming, a diet that is simple, easy to incorp

Three seasonal delicacies in food

In this article, we’re introducing some seasonal delicacies in food. These goodies might be a little less familiar than the usual fare but are often packed with nutrients that make them worth the extra work to find. 1. Morels. Mushrooms appear after the winter freeze, and morels are among fungi foragers’ favorites. These hard-to-find mushrooms

How May People Know About The Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat?

Most individuals would like to know how they too can easily lose stomach fat, though they have amassed the weight many people now are on the lookout for the information that they must have to finally get into a healthy state. But, what makes this so difficult isn't all the very best material already online? The answer to this specific question is Y

Four things that make you feel good

Many times, we tell ourselves that we have to stop sitting so much. It's bad for our health, but there's just no way we can spend eight hours a day on the solitary cabinet in the office. So what can you do to fight against obesity, diabetes, heart disease and the other risks of sitting too much? At the most simple level, stand more and walk more. H

How long can be enough to keep weight off?

Do you follow the fitness tip and exercise 30 minutes a day, five days a week? Well, a new study published in March 2010 in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that might not be enough to keep off weight gain as you age. Instead, the study recommends 60 minutes a day, every day. 1. Adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. On the diet, y

What you can do for your healthy?

Our body is like a precise machine that needs regular maintenance. Your health does not collapse overnight, but day after day. What you can do to stay healthy? Just keep reading! 1. Rest breeds rust. Is exercising great for staying healthy? There is no doubt about it. However, high-intensity movements easily produce hazardous substances like reacti

Having desserts solve seven diseases

Introduction: Many white-collar women are afraid of gaining weight to have sweets. However, it can replenish the energy and relieve us of the status in which we suffer from dizziness as well as low blood sugar. It may benefit us a lot to prepare several sweets in our pocket. Sugar is widely used for making foods. It is hard for those snack-lovers t

Five foods help you to keep fit in this flu season

With the new strain of bird flu, your daily diet plays a big part in keeping fit. What works well for fighting against sickness? Here are five foods that can help you to stay healthy. 1. Mushrooms. Mushrooms used to get overlooked as a healthy food, but they possess two big weapons you need this flu season: selenium which helps white blood cells pr

How to lose extra abdominal fat fast?

Healthy weight loss refers to regular exercise and balanced diet, other than taking toll on the body. How to drop stubborn abdominal fat quickly? Health, weight loss, abdominal fat, drop weight, extra fat 1. Slimming exercise. Lying on the floor while bending the legs at a 90 degree angle. Hold the knees in hands with keeping arms straight. Tighten

Five simple foods safeguard your health

Keeping in good shape is the lifete career of many people. Tried many methods but your weight remains stable. How to keep slim while ensuring your daily nutritional requirement? Perhaps you should start from your daily diet. Always remember that healthy weight loss won’t take a toll on your healthy body. 1. Super Fiber -- Konjac. Konjac fiber has