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Shell devaluation fast charge service half an hour full of 80% power

Oil increasingly tense and the restrictions on the traditional fuel Coilovers vehicles, more and more companies began to transition to new energy development. The Shell Group in the UK for the first time launched a fast electric car charging service, can charge 80% of electricity in half an hour. The first service is located in London and near the

The attention of the BYD Department of energy vehicles in the e5 how?    

BYD in the field of new energy vehicles in the field of world attention, its sections of the new energy models also have a good sales, BYD e5 is one of them. The car coilovers was first listed in March 2016, currently in the sale of models for the 2017 models.BYD e5 is actually BYD speed pure electric version of the model, the overall design is bas

Naturally aspirated and turbocharged

With the Japanese Toyota, Honda and Nissan compared to the three brothers, Mazda in the market to maintain a relatively low level, because Mazda to put more energy into the nature of the repairer, it has been known as the outside world Car technology car prices. Mazda's pursuit of the engine technology is never tired, each of its models are almost

Do you know "two seconds away"? Learn this to avoid rear-end

I do not know if we found no, and now the road on the road Coilovers feeling which are very crowded, because the road now more and more vehicles. Especially in some traffic facilities is not very perfect second and third tier cities, cars, people are more than a common phenomenon. Walking on the road, you often feel the car on the road as if a clos

Top Car Modifications

If you are keen to know what sorts of modifications people tend to carry out when it comes to their vehicles, here are some of the most popular ones: Adding high-performance tires: Depending on the model of the car you have, the tires you get as standard are pretty, well, standard. This is why many people decide to upgrade by adding their own high-

Volkswagen SUV T-Roc stands on the shoulders of giants

Volkswagen started its new mini SUV - T-Roc in Italy. This new car mainly for the Chinese market, the target locked in the young consumer groups, will also be FAW - Volkswagen domestic first SUV. Do not have to wait for a long time, will be listed next year, before it is necessary to tell you about this small SUV.As early as coilovers the 2014 Gene

Why is the German freeway in the world?

Germany's rapid development of the automobile industry, that the German transport Coilovers and how? We all know that Germany has the world's most advanced road system, is also the first to build the highway country, then their road system must be very strong. Germany's high speed is not limited speed, which is well known, but not all, part or spee

Convertible GT upstart, come from Aston Martin's fun

Throttle in the end: Aston Martin finally launched the DB11 Volante Coilovers models. After last year's DB11 Coupe, he did not use 5.2-liter V12 power, but equipped with a 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. The convertible GT upstart has already begun to accept orders, is Aston Martin this year's heavyweight products. DB11 Volante for the first time u

Three-cylinder machine was despised BMW out of the bottom out of the ruthless goods

Speaking of BMW's entry model would have to mention the motherland Coilovers for the new version of the new car, the car through the localization cost and price so that more people have a BMW in advance, but in order to reduce costs and enable 1.5T Three-cylinder has become a lot of users Tucao place, Moreover, even if the three-cylinder machine wa

Ferrari Portofino official release Frankfurt debut

Ferrari released a group of its new sports car Portofino official figure, the model will replace the California T continuation of the Ferrari family of sports car myth, its driving force is equipped with a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, 100 km acceleration time only 3.5 seconds. The latest news shows that the new car coilovers will be held on Sept