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JP Honor

JP Honor

I am an undergraduate at Westwood College. I am working towards my BA degree in Web Design and Multimedia.


J.P. Honor

J.P. Honor

This blog is where I plan to post essays and papers I have written for school, although I'm sure I will post some random tweens.
JP Honor JP Honor
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Since : 20/11/2009

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The Harmful Effects of Video Games on Children

When I was a child, I used to spend all day playing outside. I would go for walks, play ball with my friends, go fishing, make mud pies; the list goes on. I do not recall being bored very often during my childhood. On the off chance that the words, “I’m bored.” did happen to come out of my mouth my parents would tell me, “Go outside and pla


The most difficult sense for me to lose would be my eyesight. Everything I love, other than music, I need my sight in order to enjoy. I would never be able to look at my daughter’s beautiful face again and I would never be able to accomplish my dream of becoming a well-known designer. In addition, my photography hobby would over. It is hard for m

The Psychological Construct of Addiction in Popular Media

Addiction is a problem that affects millions of people every day. According to ‘Psychology; A Modular Approach to Mind and Behavior’, addiction is defined as, “Development of physical dependence on a drug such that craving and physical discomfort (withdrawal symptoms) occur in its absence.” (Coon, 2006) Addiction occurs for different people

Leonardo da Vinci

In the attempt to understand and encompass whom Leonardo da Vinci was it is essential to understand that he was much more than just a painter, he was a genius. From the skill and techniques he exuded in his work as a painter to his wondrous mechanical inventions, Leonardo da Vinci surpassed great minds not only in his time, but also in our own. Leo
"reality" and "truth"

"reality" and "truth"

Everything has to start somewhere, but who is to say when, where, how, or why it will end, or even if it will end at all. Physics, for example, is what it is because humans studied, measured, and named it. Not because we were given a manual and told what everything is and how it all works. That's life, we have to figure it out for ourselves. The pr

Christ Episcopal Church - Architectural Field Trip Report

I chose to research the Christ Episcopal Church for my architectural field trip report. This magnificent Catholic Church is located in Westerly, Rhode Island, at the corners of Broad and Elm Street. Construction of the church began in 1891, and opened to the public in 1894. (Kiss) The architecture of Christ Church mimics the style of gothic archite

Descriptive Essay; My Daughter’s Birthday

I was nine months pregnant and my belly was twice as full after eating thanksgiving dinner a few days earlier with the family. “One more trip to the doctor.” I thought to myself as I relaxed in my last few hours of pregnancy. My doctor had told me that if I did not go into labor by the next morning she was going to induce me into labor. I had h

Creationism: Should We Teach It In Public Schools?

Creationism is a well-known, and widely believed, theory of how the world came into existence. Why then, does the public educational system leave this theory out in the cold while the theory of evolution warms its toes by the proverbial fire? I cannot sit here and tell you for sure what happened at the dawn of time, in fact no one can. I could tell