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Lover of psychology and criminology, and always in the pursuit of justice...


Raven's name

Raven's name
Raven Raven
Articles : 10
Since : 26/08/2009

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My 1st Grader Suspended

My 1st Grader Suspended

So I get a phone call from my son's school this morning. He is a 7-year-old 1st grader. He is being suspended for a day for bringing a knife to school. What? We do not own any pocket knives, so I was confused. Apparently, a little boy on the bus gave him a pocket knife on the way to school. He had it out to show to another student in class, and he

The Predator Next Door

All of us have heard of the BTK killer. His psychopathy spanned decades, although he took a very long break. Even after the media frenzy and the national headlines, most of us still did not realize what a monster this man, Dennis Rader, truly was. It is said that he once murdered someone on his lunch break, and came back to work as if nothing happe
Victim Incarcerated after Ending His & His Family's Torment

Victim Incarcerated after Ending His & His Family's Torment

Predators aren't always the ones who end up in jail. In some very sad cases, the victims of the predator stop him the only way they know how. In this case, a teenage boy ended the rampage of his psychopathic grandfather by murdering him in his sleep. However, the murderer was the victim here, and this case would prove to anger thousands of people,

My life ends in a few minutes

"You won't ever make it out of this car alive you fucking bitch" were the words he used to let me know his plan. "My homegirl already told me she'd help me fuck you up and get rid of you- you wont ever see your son-fuck you. You're dying today, and I'm gonna make you wish that I had killed you before we left the house." I was about to die. I was go

Life or Something Like It

So here I am....... after all this time. I moved to Arkansas in January, and life has went to hell from there. (not that it was too good back home either) I have moved to a place that has only one job I can do, no healthcare for adults awaiting disability decisions, and just nothing to do. My life is in more turmoil than before, and I fear that I a

Predators: Living All Around Us

Being a student of psychology and criminology, I have studied predators in our society. I took up this study as a hobby when I was in my freshman year of high school; I became obsessed with the Jeffrey Dahmer circus. However, I was not obsessed in the way that many people become "fans" of the serial killer, but obsessed in a way that made me want t

What Creates Serial Killers and Psychopaths: Genetics or Environment?

It has been thought for a long time that people become violent because they are “crazy”. Other people have thought that people become violent because of a horrendous childhood that included abuse, neglect, and rejection. Which is it? Researchers have been working for many years to figure out what causes a person to become a serial killer or a p

Beginning of the End

I remember the weekend prior to the July 12, 2002 horror. I was almost seven months pregnant. I was a mess- broke, depressed, and unsure what I was going to do, or how I was going to take care of my son when he came. I never thought of giving him up, but I knew that the life I'd led was not one for a good mother. There in Alabama, I was a bikini da

No Justice for Me

Normally, I write about other people. I like to research murders, murderers, and people who are just off the beaten path that most of us ride daily. However, I was once a victim- actually, more than once- but almost lost my own life and my son on this one. Today, I found out that the man who did this to me HAS NOT SERVED ONE DAY IN PRISON. Not one


Where do we go when we are sad beyond belief? What happens when life as we knew it is over, and we are left trying to pick up the pieces and move on? What happens when we feel like this is the end? After all my years of studying, there is only one common answer for these questions: we go to God. Who is God? He is all things that are good, like love