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The Thinker

The Thinker

A heavy thinker and critic . I appreciate criticism, its what built the world and I wont hold myself back by not doing it. I want to make a difference the best way I know how.




The world can change if we choose to change it. In this site i will try to spread awareness on different philosophies and integrity of our leaders in general, ensuring hypocrisy is highlighted and rebuked. I will also embark on creating political awareness on part of the youth.
The Thinker The Thinker
Articles : 25
Since : 13/06/2011
Category : Politics

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Standing Alone

Standing Alone

Every day comes with new challenges, and when these challenges come before us, it suffices to say that one is limited to three options. One either faces them , flees from them, or does nothing about them. Its safe to say that often, the wise choice is facing the challenge. Whether it is by intentional silence or by taking an active role in resolvin

Genius with a touch of madness.

So halfway through the first draft of this post, I pressed the back button online and it just set me back on two hours of very good writing . . . . at least I think it was great writing. Well, here is a second attempt. Yesterday was a bizarre day; I left the house without a wallet or any cash and or Identification documents. I survived the day, con

The Illusion of friendship

Today marks one of the many days I come across phrases that are so true that they make me wish I thought of them first. Last week s conclusion saw me pass a resolution that I would do what was exclusively in my best interests, with some exceptions of course, probably because in law there is almost always an exception to any rule. This resulted in a


It has been a really long time since I sat down to write, and perhaps it is because usually my motivation is dependent on the very things that trigger my conscience or rile me up enough to get me to put my thought down in pen and paper. This piece is conclusively about the origin of conflict at the helm of which is “perceptions of exclusion and a
The Africa I knew

The Africa I knew

I remember, a time when I was young and innocent of worry. (I hope that statement makes it clear enough that worry can defile you.) I cared about nothing, enjoying each moments as it came. I remember when I had time to admire Mother Nature, and rather than nursing time, I found that, time was a nurse to me. I remember like a distant memory, so defi


It has been a long while since I last drafted an article aimed at academics in law school. While In the UK I can hardly remember doing any graded work in groups while at university. This consequently led to the belief that, it was not a necessary or essential skill for me to have, even though I still endeavored to have it. I was therefore under an


Its Friday once again, yes, yes, I know its February and this happens to be the first post of the year. I guess the title will perhaps contradict the content of this post because it definitely is not a Furahi day for me. I just came from court and I am now at work and I am loaded with work, and as the intelligent , work loving diligent person I am,


"Leadership is character," they say. The last few days have been particularly interesting because of the enormous mental stress placed on my brain as a result of the life centered questions that I have been trying to answer. The big questions............., what happens when one dies? what will be said when I die? What is my purpose in life?..... an


When it comes to honesty, most people rank it quite high on their character value scales. Honesty is the best policy, is something so often said, and even more so believed to be true. In all things though, Is honesty ever the right thing to do. Most may take the absolutist approach, especially when it comes to relationships and matters religion (A

Overcoming the Hurdles of life

It really is a surprise that the first post of this year (2016) is coming up all the way in May. I cant help but notice that it has probably been five months. I had plenty of articles in the oven but I think this will be the most relevant or well baked post. School opens on Monday, and it seems like it has already started. As usual, the drama surro