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Jade Maner

Jade Maner

I grew up in Bourbon County, Kentucky and attended the county high school. After graduating, I went on to attend Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky to earn a four year degree in their political science program.
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Contemporary Political Discussion

Contemporary Political Discussion

In this blog, I will delve into discussions of political issues, arguments, methodology, and ideology. The focus will be on contemporary politics, however I will, from time to time, reflect on historical happenings that have implications relevant to us today. My goal is to challenge readers to critically think about political issues in depth and to form a deeper understanding of our political surroundings. I make no claim to an ultimate political truth, rather I seek to provide a foundation on which one can build a greater political awareness. Like any author, I have biases; however, I try not to reflect them in my work. Perhaps I am unsuccesful at times. I challenge readers to read my work critically and use it for what it is, one vehicle by which you can arrive at your own conclusion with your own set of ideas. Think critically always.
Jade Maner Jade Maner
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Since : 03/12/2014
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Marx and Capitalist Exploitation

Men make their own history, but they do not make it as they please; they do not make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances existing already, given and transmitted from the past. The tradition of all dead generations weighs like an nightmare on the brains of the living. The work of Karl Marx has been misinterpreted by politic

The Duel Nature Of Congress

This idea adheres to nearly every congressman, as he or she wears a tailored suit in a blacked out car, being driven through the capital, only to return home to his or her constituencies in a button up and blue jeans. The role of congress is a complex one. Writing, reviewing, voting on legislation, committee appointments, constituency work, and cam

Is He Really What They Say He Is: Obama and Socialism

Too often, people use language like "Socialist" or "Communist" to describe President Obama without a full understanding of what they are saying. In early December of 2012, Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, appeared on Fox News proclaiming that, "Barack Obama is a Socialist." Earlier that year, in January of 2012, during a debate in Concord, N.H., Rick

Decision Making In Congress: The Structural Complexities

The dual nature of Congress is not the only thing that complicates the congressional decision-making process. The very way in which Congress is structured makes it difficult for lawmakers to make confident decisions that the majority of them agree on. The bicameral and bipartisan nature of Congress can slow down the rate at which new legislation is
Tragedy Strikes Peshawar

Tragedy Strikes Peshawar

I feel a sense of responsibility to turn attention toward the recent tragedy that has taken its toll on the Pakistani people and so many others around the world. On December 16, 2014, six members of the terrorist organization, Taliban, committed one of the most gruesome acts of terror recorded to date when they breached a school in Peshawar, Pakist
The Iron Triangle: Effects On Congressional Decision-Making

The Iron Triangle: Effects On Congressional Decision-Making

Working relationships are foundational to much of the decision-making that occurs in the work environment. This is true in law offices, hospitals, court rooms, and any other place where workers and co-workers make decisions that affect the work environment. Working relationships play a significant role in decisions that are made with some regularit