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Tigris river

Tigris river

About us : lovers of arabic poetry We write poetries also in any style as Ghazals or Haïkus. We were born in the craddle of the Humanity i.e Iraq and river Tigris


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All about the tigris river Iraq and middle east
Tigris river Tigris river
Articles : 764
Since : 07/11/2008
Category : Literature, Comics & Poetry

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Haïku - love ache

Haïku - love ache

Home sickness I have I’m grieved I ache for you - Love ache never stops
Haiku - the secret

Haiku - the secret

Le secret - Au creux de mon coeur Un secret abyssal dort Encore pour toujours The secret In small of my heart Unfathomed secret sleeps Still and for ever

pain of love -

A Pain of love Is to look at him without be able to touch him It is dreaming the night without existing It is a novel that we have read already It is a sun that will not heat again. A pain of love It’s when you see that another Took your place in his heart It is an empty church where in silence you cry It’s a question in knowing always the answ