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Duan1 Wu3 Jie2: The Dragon Boat Festival

In the Chinese traditional calendar,May 5 is a traditional day. Among many Chinese online lessons, this time our theme is the Dragon Boat Festival.Also called Duan wu,or Duan Yang,it began during the Spring and Autumn or Warring States periods,containing a history of over two thousand years.There are many legends of its origin that can

You will go in for this Chinese phrase qie1 cuo1

Once upon a time, a foreign friend of mine asked me to play ping-pong ball with him. I agreed and said: “I would like to accept your challenge and let us have a great game today!” On the way to the sports ground, we chatted about Chinese learning culture of sports and something like that with full ease and freely, because I am a native speaker

Chinese words learning of today’s lesson rang4

Welcome to our happy Chinese class for kids and we are going to present you with a new Chinese character in this new article. In English, some words such as let, get, make and offer can all be translated into the meaning of today’s key word. So it is 让(rang4). Let us take a look at today’s key words together in our mandarin class for kids. At

Pan2gu3 Creates the Universe

In today’s Chinese class for kids, we will show you a Chinese fairy tale. So first, I want to raise a question. How did the universe come into being? In China,there is a legend that has been traditionally passed down of how Pan2gu3 split the heavens and the earth,forming the cosmos.Legend has it,long ago the earth had rio sky and lacked t

A very important Chinese character Xi3

Hi, this is Happy Chinese study center. We have always been bringing the Chinese culture, especially its language to you for a long time. Welcome to join us in today’s new article to learn Mandarin online. In accordance with our practice, today’s key word is 喜(Xi3). I believe that most of foreigners may see the double Xi3 when there is a wedd

These Chinese business ideas are really helpful!

Hey, friends. Welcome to learn business Chinese online free of “Happy Chinese”. We are going to introduce essential languages, ideas, and skills as to how to do business and communicate with Chinese businessmen. To foreigners who learning Chinese for business, today’s lesson will do you a big favor in learning business mandarin and understand

Hou4 Yi4 story with Zhong1 Qiu1 origin

Last time, we talked about the first part of the fairy tale in Chinese culture online Chinese learning lessons. We began from the point that Hou yi left his wife Chang e. Three days later,Hou Yi led disciples on a hunt,but Peng Meng pretended to be ill and stayed behind.Soon after Hou Yi left, Peng Meng drew his sword and threatened Chang’e

Chinese character Shou4 is very far-reaching.

Today, we would like to bring a new Chinese character in Chinese learning lesson online that is rarely used in people’s daily conversations. In spite of that, it is also meaningful and important for both Chinese and foreigners to know what today’s key word is and how to use it, because it is full of deep root of culture. Let us look at this cha

Different regions with different personalities

With a vast landscape, China has altogether 34 provinces across the country. As an old Chinese saying goes in the online Chinese lessons:“One place nourishes one kind of people.” It is a common sense that a certain group of people did form the fixed quality like characteristics of humans. Today, our teacher Mr. Wang in Chinese cultural lessons

How to have a big sale in Chinese market?

As an old Chinese saying goes: 货卖一张皮 (Huo4 Mai4 Yi4 Zhang1 Pi2). In today’s lesson about learning business mandarin online, let me give an overall explanations of this proverb, which can help you know how to do better business in Chinese markets. At first, the meaning of the sentence: “货卖一张皮” is that Chinese customers will