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Rabbi Craig

Rabbi Craig

An alternative but hopefully accurate way of seeing somethings as they might just be.
RabbiCraig RabbiCraig
Articles : 93
Since : 14/02/2011

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Abbas’ Claims!!!

Abbas claims that the Bible supports the notion that the Palestinians lived in the Land before Abraham. This is according to the headlines of an article that I have yet to read. Baseless drivel that revises history or recast reality, is a waste of time. He probably may eans the following: Right at the beginning of the whole of the world God says,

Visible Justice

The requirement that justice must be seen to be done has come to mean that it must be made to look as if it has been done.

Self Actualization

I plunged into the depths of my soul and saw all the stuff that everyone else was kvetching about.


There is something very delicious about the Scottish National Party members who want independence from the United Kingdom but want to remain part of the European Union! They don't want to be dictated to from London, rather Brussels.

Will I be Better Off In or Out?

One might think that the EU referendum was a debate about whether we wish to be governed by unelected idiots in Brussels or our own elected idiots in Westminster. It is contended that the choice is about which way we will be better off. If that is so this gives you an opportunity to contribute. You can enhance my welfare and ensure that I am better

Party Leadership Race

The Labour Party members don’t support the people they elected who don’t support the person they want to re-elect so that the wider public will definitely not support or elect Labour at the next election.


The nice thing about despair is that you can overcome it.

The BBC Meets Expectations!

Recently I addressed a letter to the BBC about the slur against Jews made by it in a report on the conviction of Yishai Schlissel, by describing him as ‘Ultra-Orthodox. This is what was written: “Dear Rabbi Levin Reference CAS-3797190-LGY47N Thank you for contacting us regarding the BBC News website. I understand you felt that it was unnecessar

The Corbyn and I

Mr Corbyn quoted as saying: "Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel or the Netanyahu government than our Muslim friends are for those various self-styled Islamic states or organisations." It is only ‘OUR Jewish Friends’ that are exempt from responsibility for the ‘actions’ to which Corbyn objects. That would le

Obama in Hiroshima

Hiroshima was horrible. The aftermath was awful. There is peace today with Japan, which is an integral part of the democratic world. We should cherish and celebrate that peace and welcome the contribution Japan makes to the world’s economy and technology. One should never forget that the Japanese regime of the time was savage and fascist. A pacif