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Spinx Inc.

Spinx Inc.

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Creative Design - Expand Your Design Creativity

A Proficient blog for Expanding your designing creativity with graphic design tips, tutorials and much more.
Spinx Inc. Spinx Inc.
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Since : 30/08/2012
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Things to Consider While Redesigning Your Website’s Personality

Things to Consider While Redesigning Your Website’s Personality

Redesigning of a website incorporates enhanced version, creative imagination and innovation so that it can be long lasting. This is purely based on what kind of people will see and how the message can be sent across to them. The interfaces designed should not be without a personality wherein users just come, tap and click. They must act as windows

Applying Breakpoints in Web Development

Suppose you have selected three primary design guidelines from your thumbnails; just think about what your main breakpoints will look like? Try to come up with as little major breakpoints as possible. If a linear layout works for every display and is proper for your eccentric idea, then there is no need for diverse layout. In that scenario, just ex

Vital Relationship Between Long Tail SEO And Your Company

Long tail SEO is the technique of focusing on longer tail search queries on Google. These kinds of words are usually over four words long and are generally used when the reader knows what they are searching for. For instance: The smartphone – a very common keyword, which has lots of search volume, though is less likely to convert. Samsung 5-inch

Build A Relevant & Intriguing Website by Creating Strategic Content

Content is a vital part of a highly interactive experience to be found on a website. Often you do not realize this while going for a website design but of late content has played the most important role in solving various website related issues such as, Projects that are delayed Designs appearing in a broken form Voices that go unheard by the visit

Enhance Your Post Title to Engage More Viewers

Headline is one of the best and most effective places to attract readers to your post. In order to entice visitors, titles have to be amazing. You have seen many newspapers and news channel story headlines; they are very attractive, sometimes funny and effective. One study of Moz reveals the details about what types of statements work best to attra
5 Things to Keep in Mind to Design An Amazing Business Card

5 Things to Keep in Mind to Design An Amazing Business Card

Most of us have observed that first impressions matter a lot, and a potential client meeting requires making a superb first impression. A wonderful business card helps you achieve that. Business card designs certainly have changed with changing times however their value in networking and branding is considerably huge. With numerous marketing tools

Guidelines for Designing a Mobile Website

Before initiating website designing for mobiles you need to consider some factors. Mobile website is very different as compared to a desktop website. About 20% mobile users from the 5.9 billion mobile users would like to browse the internet through their mobile devices. This has made mobile web browsing the next internet platform to expand business

Elegant But Simple Ways to Create An SEO Friendly Website

All business owners desire to advertise their business profiles, services and products in such a way that clients should be made aware of the company’s goods and services. SEO is a tool for business organizations which helps them achieve this. SEO helps to save time and to make more earnings. Why is SEO so important and why to consider SEO while

You Need an Inspiring Portfolio to Showcase Your Credentials

You must create a portfolio website that gives you the biggest advantages; you have to ensure that you build a dazzling one that will impress your clients and be an ideal place to put your finest creations on display. You need to showcase your web projects to become a successful web design company or freelancer. A website portfolio will be your cre
Optimize Branding, Posts & Updates on Facebook with “Edge Rank Algorithm”

Optimize Branding, Posts & Updates on Facebook with “Edge Rank Algorithm”

Edge Rank is the Facebook criteria that choose which updates to display in every customer’s news feed. The criteria hides boring updates, so if your content doesn't count, no one will see it. The first thing users see when they log on to Facebook is the news feed. This is subject to what's been occurring lately among their affiliates on Facebook.