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English guy living in Russia


englishrussian's name

englishrussian's name
englishrussian englishrussian
Articles : 90
Since : 07/08/2009

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Russian Singles

Today Russia is one of the most visited countries by western guys seeking a FSU bride. Only 20 years ago any guys seeking a Russian bride were considered to be crackers or slightly mad having some mental problem. Today it is perfectly normal for single guys to search overseas for a foreign bride. There has been a huge increase in Russian singles si

Moldovan Brides

Many Western men searching for a foreign bride forget to realise that the Soviet Union was made up of more countries than just Russia and Ukraine. The first port of call for many of these guys is often Russia or Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine are great countries to go searching for a foreign bride, but the competition is hot. Each year hundreds of tho

Some Russian Dating Tips

Many men throughout the world who have been lucky enough to date or marry a Russian women will tell you that these women are not only gorgeous to look at, but also much easier to please. Many Western men feel that over the last few decades Western woman no longer want to be a woman, or feminine. Russian woman are very different to western women, ov

Many Men Have Thought About Russian Dating

Many men at some time or other have been attracted to Russian women, either after seeing photos of them in the media or hearing stories from friends, there has always been an attraction to these beautiful Russian women. Russian women are amongst the most beautiful in the world these women are slender and charming, and carry themselves with a grace.

Best Russian Dating Sites

If you have decided to make a change from the usual main stream dating sites and try a new niche , then maybe Russian dating could be worth trying. It is already well known that Russian women are the most beautiful in the world, and along with the fall of the Soviet Union over twenty years ago, Russia has never been an easier place to visit. The mo

Russian Mail Order Brides

For many guys who are new to the Russian dating niche, Russian women are the most beautiful women they have ever seen. Many sign up to Russian dating sites searching for a Russian mail order bride. But what is the big attraction to the mail order bride and is it reality? The reality is there is no such thing as Russian mail order brides, this is ju

Free Russian Dating Sites

Any guys who have decided to start searching for a Russian bride will probably want to do this without any costs. But you need to come to terms with a very important issue if you are serous in your searches. Firstly it is going to cost you money. And probably a few thousand dollars min. You will need to make several if not may trips to Russia to me

Belarusian Brides

Looking for a Belarussian bride? If you are you are one of the few guys who have decided to take your search away from the usual places such as Russia and Ukraine. But infact you could be onto a winner, Belarus in a great country which is undiscovered by many. There are many single belarusian women in Belarus as there is a big dating pool of women.

Some Russian Women have Bad Experiences in Russian Dating Sites

Many men while searching the Russian dating sites tend to forget about the women’s bad experiences in Russian dating, we always hear about how the guy was scammed, but often a woman falls foul of a western man. A typical scenario. A gentleman signs up for a Russian dating site. He searches for a beautiful women like all men do, many on the assump

Searching For The Best Russian Dating Site

Over the last two decades and with the fall of the Soviet Union Russia has become the number one place to search for a foreign bride. But how can you be sure you have signed up to a legitimate Russian dating site and not a poor quality site operated by some Russian outfit? Doing a Google search will bring a whole load of Russian dating sites infron