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First of all I am a God fearing man who enjoys spending time with my family. I am passionate about social issues and strive to encourage the youth to realize their God given potential


indyguy's name

indyguy's name

My blog tackles current events mainly focusing on challenges facing the youth, education, society, and family.
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Since : 20/10/2011

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Why we will never quite achieve a Post Racial America

A woman from Turlock California was fired from her job and is being investigated by Secret Service after posting a racial slur about President Barack Obama. She had called the President the N word and then expressed her hopes that he would be assassinated this term. Most Americans would agree that this woman’s comments were disgraceful and comple

Encouraging fathers to take a more active role in raising kids who love the Lord.

When I had the opportunity to visit with a few inmates during a prison ministry at the Pendleton Correctional facility last fall I had some intriguing conversations with some very intelligent dudes that were serving time. Many of these inmates are now committed Christians but early in life many turned their back on the church early in life either b

Should Pastors and Clergy Endorse Political Candidates?

We are in the midst of the election season and candidates running for various political offices desperately rely on surrogates and endorsements to improve their chances of election. Christians are often a targeted voting bloc based on stances on social issues. Which draws to light how involved clergy should be at endorsing or persuading their congr

Hannah Montana gone wild. Overblown or exploitation?

Thanks to Miley Cyrus, Oxford now has officially recognized Twerk as an English word. Well I can’t say that I am not surprised at what took place at the VMAs this past weekend. MTV has been known to push the buttons in terms of decency. It also decided to slip the racy performance under the guise of a pre-teen rating to unsuspecting parents who l

In Pistols We Trust? Will America's Gun Culture Outlast Outrage to Gun Massacres?

After the shocking tragedy at Newton several months back society is still littered with too much gunfire erupting and lives being lost at heartbreaking frequency. We all were stunned as we witnessed live events play out with Chris Dorner who went on cop killing rampage that claimed four innocent victims before he tragically took his own life. This

Arguing over politics and which side is Jesus really on?

There is no secret that our country has been polarized over the issue of politics even to the point where we are in the midst of a fierce government shutdown. Politics can be a very divisive topic even among believers. I had a chance to speak with a good buddy of mine who is on the other side of the political spectrum just this week about the polit

Why?? How???--The Shock at Sandy Hook elementary

Americans witnessing the unspeakable and horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook which is now among the worst school shootings on Friday hit so close to home for parents with younger children. Most of you like me probably went home and hugged your kids a little tighter. Suddenly your daughter spilling Kool-Aide on the carpet doesn’t seem as serious today.