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A pre-pubescent brain in an aging shell. One of a million monkeys, pounding a million keyboards, for a million years, hoping to write one good poem. A dreamer.


poetry-doggeral-et-al's name

poetry-doggeral-et-al's name

A mix of poetry, doggeral (intentionally mispelled (sic) as it IS doggerel), stories, familial stuff, and disjointed thoughts, posted to hopefully elicit dailogue(s), arguments, and/or a reader's ideas, poetry, etc. It is not polished, not especially literate, certainly not universal--sorry, it is just me.
poetry-doggeral-et-al poetry-doggeral-et-al
Articles : 189
Since : 01/09/2011

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Chaos or C*h(A)O~s?(kc) Pt 1

Chaos is not chaotically defined--pretty straight forward, in fact. Below are the four main definitions. 1) (biblical usage) a chasm or abyss. 2) any state of confusion or disorder. 3) a lack of intelligible pattern or combination. 4) (Chaos Theory) a branch of mathematics and physics that deals with certain nonlinear dynamical systems. I will leav

Passing Through(kc)

This time around, I’m only passing through; Don’t know where I come from or where I’m going. The lack of knowledge doesn’t make me blue, Because I know, I am only passing through. A journey started in the dark of night; That takes me on roads that soar high and fall low. At times in the shadows, sometimes in light, But its okay, I know ever

Heart Attacks--No Such Thing(kc)

We have all heard "Blah-Blah" had a heart attack; "Blah-Blah" had his second/third/etc heart attack; "Blah-Blah" died from a heart attack; if you don't quit ____(fill in the blank), you'll have a heart attack. Bullshit! Your heart is not some sadistic entity, living within you, skulking around with the desire to attack you. It is a marvelous feat o

Chaos or C*h(A)O~s?(kc) Interlude 1

Rather than an internal digression, I thought I would incorporate an interlude between Chaos Parts 1 and 2. If only I had done a prelude, I could then add a couple more interludes, and make it a symphony. Problem with that is symphonies are usually in four parts and include an allegro—opening sonata—which are fast, lively, and bright; even the


Intimacy: many, if not, most men do not really understand; sadly, many women are starting to buy into the colloquial usage of this word, and in my opinion, incorrect usage of the word. To so many the idea of intimacy is tied with sex—a minor physical manifestation of but one facet of this wonderful state two souls entwining on a spiritual level.


Should you choose me, I would leave Never Should you love me. I would leave you Never Should you die, before I, would I forget you Never Would I deceive you Never Would I leave you Never

How Modern Pharmeceuticals Murdered Me for 6-7 Minutes...

(shortened the original title--seems some find suicide negative--lol) A Successful Suicide--or How Modern Pharmeceuticals Murdered Me for 6-7 Minutes... You’ve scratched at Death’s Door only to be pulled back (for Hippocratic Oath read Busybody) You go again Same thing So you say: Fuck it! Let me die, let me go This is more trouble than that Yo

I Found Myself--In a Hole (kc) (aka The Girl With the Cheshire Grin)

Note#3--I keep getting readers saying they can't find: The Girl With the Cheshire Grin--Duh! I forgot I went with a different title--the other one makes more sense, but dunna expect any sense from me...ok? (Note—a) is this a poem or a fable? I am not sure; b) did I write it? Again, not sure, felt like it wrote itself; c) it is the longest piece I

Forever..A Promise(kc)

Where will I go without you Nowhere Where do I go without you Nowhere Will you take me places New Will you make places I go New Will you stand by my side Forever Will you promise to leave me Never If you do I promise forever and ever

Essence of the Soul(kc)

I have been thinking about the soul of a person. We throw around the term soul-mate with great abandon; we sometimes say: "I looked into his/her soul..."; or we deem the reprehensible actions of some miscreant as "soul-less". It seems as if a soul can be blamed, cherished, found, lost, etc, depending upon how we perceive a person's actions, and/or