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AVP is a cruisers' association in French Polynesia, please contact us for any question about sailing around


AVP 4 Yachties' blog

AVP 4 Yachties' blog

AVP is a cruisers' association in French Polynesia, please contact us for any question about sailing around
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Since : 09/03/2009

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Welcome on board!

Welcome! Soon, you will find here lot of informations about the AVP association, sailing in French Polynesia, useful links, and more. So... see you soon!

Functioning of the AVP

Every year in March-April, the common General Assembly of the AVP meets. During this meeting, the board presents its balance assessment for the past year and reviewed the current actions. Possibly, we proceed to the election of new members of the board. Under the authority of the President, the board conceives the program for the year to come, then

What kind of association is AVP?

According to the famous law of 1901, an association is an agreement by which two or several persons share, in a permanent way, their knowledge or their activity in a purpose other than to share profits. Based in 1981, our association corresponds to this definition. It has a non profit-making purpose and its members are all volunteers. Always accord

Objectives of the AVP

According to our constitution, the association is established for the following purposes: defend the resident sailboats, and help the sailboats of passage. The defence of the resident sailboats contains several points: It is a question at first of defending us better against the usual concerns which haunt skippers: mechanical problems, problems of

Action plan of the AVP

To federate all the sailboats navigating in Polynesia, that they are resident or of passage, the AVP elaborated an ambitious action plan summarized by the formula: "better know and become known to be recognized". To know better, it is necessary to make the information circulate between the members of the association, by the creation of a Bulletin o
Join us: membership of the Association

Join us: membership of the Association

Join us! The AVP, French Polynesia Cruising Association, welcome all the owners of sailboats and motorboats, resident in French Polynesia for at least one year. It also welcome all the boats of passage which would like to support us in our actions of welcoming and protection. To operate our actions and see that they are successful, to operate also

The Association's board of directors

February 18, 2009, we had a general meeting for the renewal of the Association's board of directors: Position Name Sailboat Chairman: Michel Baltzer TEVA III Vice-chairman: Matthieu Fleury HILDI Treasurer: Jean Smith ANAKEIA Assistant treasurer : Antonina Lebras TY-PUNCH Secretary: François Dupas CROQUE POMME Assistant secretary: Milagro de Obrego