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Andy McBride

Andy McBride is an industry leader in the design and sales of custom lanyards in the United States. We serve all blank and custom lanyard needs, from employee I.D. lanyards to convenience lanyards.
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Blogs is an industry leader in the design and sales of custom lanyards in the United States. We serve all blank and custom lanyard needs, from employee I.D. lanyards to convenience lanyards.
Andy McBride Andy McBride
Articles : 25
Since : 11/03/2010

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Blank Lanyards Are An Economical Business Tool That Works

Blank lanyards are best defined by what they are not. They are not flashy. They don’t carry a message of any kind, whether marketing, humorous or political. Unlike the custom variety, they don’t broadcast any kind of meaning. They simply carry your essentials, conveniently and unobtrusively. Whether the task is holding I.D. badges, flash drives

Blank Lanyards Are An Economical Solution To Carrying I.D. Badges

They’re a basic tool in many offices, medical facilities and events such a concerts and trade shows. They’ve been around for centuries and remain relevant today. Despite our advances in technology, we still rely on that rudimentary tool. Blank lanyards are an economical solution to carrying I.D. badges and other essentials. Custom cords are app

Badge Lanyards Help Marketing And Security At The Same Time

The need to display I.D has become more prevalent due to the unfortunate increase in crime in public places. Wearing badge lanyards helps meet that requirement, and solves other problems in the process. Lanyards have been with us for centuries, although in the past they were just leather straps made to hold swords and other important items. Today

Custom Lanyards Are One Key To Unleashing Employee Creativity

Custom lanyards are a standard part of many modern workplaces. The basic devices used to hold key cards, I.D. badges or other work items, can be imprinted with company logo or text. In a very real sense, those simple neck cords can improve office morale and enhance employee creativity. Here’s how. Something as small as a neck cord can help boost

Blank Lanyards Are Convenient, Cost-Effective And Easy To Order

Blank lanyards are not exactly the most exciting business tools in the world. They don’t offer flashy graphics, pithy messages or custom logos. But blank lanyards fulfill the basic function of holding small items securely just as well as their custom imprinted counterparts at a more economical cost. If you need lanyards to hold I.D. badges, key c

I.D. Lanyards: An Easy, Convenient Way To Improve School Security

For students, faculty and staff, I.D lanyards are an ideal solution for carrying identification or key cards. Due to concerns about crimes on campuses, the need for students, staff and visitors to be identifiable at a glance has increased. The cords are convenient because they keep I.D. badges at an easily visible level while the wearer’s hands a

Do Nudists Wear Polyester Lanyards The Bare Facts

Having established that zombies might wear neck lanyards, aardvarks probably don’t and Santa’s reindeer probably should, let us now consider what might be the ultimate lanyard conundrum: Do nudists wear polyester neck lanyards? At first (quick, furtive) glance, the answer to that question appears to be no. What possible use would someone who is

Badge Lanyards: An Economical, Convenient Way To Carry I.D. Badges

As security concerns have increased worldwide in recent years many schools, offices and companies require employees, visitors and students to keep I.D. cards visible. For many people, the easiest way to carry I.D. is by wearing custom badge lanyards. They’re nothing more than a convenient way to hold I.D. cards, key cards, USB drives or other sma

Badge Lanyards Are Useful, Convenient Ways To Hold I.D. Cards

They’re becoming increasingly popular in the workplace today. They help promote security, organization, and even a company name or mission. They’re available economically, and can be customized completely. They’ve been around for centuries, but have a modern look and feel. They’re badge lanyards – the best tools for carrying your essentia

I.D. Lanyards Are Great For School Field Trips and College Campuses

In recent years, neck chords have become required wear for many college students. In the wake of rising concern about campus crime, schools across the country have increased their security standards. Many schools rely on I.D. lanyards to help improve the on-campus safety of their students, faculty and staff. I.D. neck cords are nothing more than bl