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Jon Patch

Jon Patch

Patches 4 less offers a wide variety of custom patches, scout patches, and custom embroidered patches.
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Patches4Less is an industry leader in the design and production of custom embroidered patches. The company produces custom patches in a variety of sizes, colors and styles to suit any occasion.
Jon Patch Jon Patch
Articles : 28
Since : 08/03/2010

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Patches Are Available In Many Different Types Today

Patches are a common means to identify employees, signify membership in a group, reward outstanding performance or to make a political statement. With modern technology, embroidered patches are more popular than ever. From military units to mechanics, bikers to Boy Scouts, those small embroidered works of art are a nearly universal signifier of ide

Embroidered Patches Are Easy To Order, Apply And Wear

When you think of Patches, what comes to mind? A means to repair holes in bicycle tires, well-worn jeans or an outdoor tent? Of course those are all valid answers. But there’s also another variety of patches – the embroidered type that’s become commonplace, and serves as a symbol of identity, an emblem of achievement or proof of membership in

Biker Patches Can Express Many Points Of View

Biker patches have been a part of motorcycle lore for almost as long as motorcycles have been around. They’ve been used for identification, making political statements and as warnings to others. Where the leather goes, the biker patches are sure to follow. One of the key characteristics of motorcycle riders is that they tend to be an independent

Rewarding Scouts Who Reach Their Goals

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts emphasize ideals of personal fitness, citizenship training and character development. Scout patches are issued to recognize the achievements of boys and girls as they strive to reach the noble goals of their respective organizations. From Cub Scout or Brownie to adult, Scouts work to earn embroidered Scout patches or meri

Biker Patches Are A Must For Motorcycle Riders

If bikers had a uniform, it would surely be made of leather or denim and adorned with biker patches. Bikers have dressed this way almost since motorcycles were invented. It’s how they show that they are not constrained by the conventional lifestyle of “cagers,” i.e., those who drive four-wheeled vehicles. Yet at the same time, their apparel o

Motorcycle Patches: Research Will Help You Choose The Right Supplier

Motorcycle patches occupy a unique niche in the world of custom embroidered patches. They’re not just an ordinary patch. They represent a part of a biker’s identity, and their sense of self. That’s because they’re more than just an indication of membership in a group of people who ride. They’re a declaration of brotherhood. You want the s

Cub Scout Patches Are An Integral Part of Scouting

Among the many things Boy Scouts in America can glean from their group participation are physical fitness, citizenship training and character development. As they make crafts, spend time outdoors and volunteer in their communities, they make memories and friendships all while having fun. Of all the great things a Scout can earn, one of his favorite

Scout Patches Are Symbols Of Merit, Collector’s Items

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts set worldwide ideals of personal fitness, citizenship training and character development for young people. Scouting organizations offer scout patches to recognize achievements in many areas. From the oldest Scouts to the youngest, Scout badges are proudly worn as symbols of accomplishment. Scouts wear their merit badges t

Uniform Patches Are A Part Of Your Organization’s Identity

Whether they realize it or not, uniform patches are a part of the identity of many businesses and other organizations. Police officers, repair or sales staff members, firefighters and many others are required to wear them as a part of their uniform. To the customers or the public, those patches are very much a part of the employer's public identity