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sercher for the truth.


farover-unity's name

farover-unity's name

Forum for spiritualety and culturesimelarity from the four conors of the world
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I am a healer

d I got the knowledge that i am called by amadlozi. Amadlozi oh my ancestors, my guides,my past,my pressent and future.I man is on a healing mission wow woe,tell you its a consious mission.oh lord. I have learned to praise Amadlozi,not to erase ,but to embrace and to guide Amadlozi on theire journey to the other side. "I am a healer,not a drugdeale

Wiill Europe team up with Spritual Healers.

The dream that i have is to see the modern science to link up with their own spiritualety,In order to understand the real spiritual healers. As i mentioned in an earlier article,That i feel strongly that Healing is the orgin of todays psycology.I also want to underline that i wrighting my articles in a rooticaly perspective, about that all begun in

Why do i not feel conected anymore.

Hi. I have not wrote for some time due to a strange feeling,Befor i get to know that i was given the powers to heal,i use to see and feel lots of "unatrual" things.It was like i beeing a reciver,a wheel in the transmitioncircle from the past,The spirits and the ancestors came to me and show me good and bad things. Today i am living in a spiritual v

If i can,You can

The other day i was tuning in on the internetradio in SouthAfrica,a channel call Igagasi 99,5 fm.There was an interwiew whit a spiritual medium,or healer if you know better what i am talking about. The healer(a lady) was talking about the ancestors and the significance of the ancestors in our(and her)life,and it made me think deeper in to the subje

Is The end near?

What is going on in the world of to day.It feels like all the wickedness is on the way to conquror the mind of mankind. The subject i wright about this time have as i see it not much to do with healing,but maybe it has.In order to get in terms with our ancetors and if we dont,there will be hard to express love and humanity around the world. I been

An empty soul

Behold the anciant roots of man kind,the customes and traditions and ways.we must not loose the connection with our past. With theese words, i would like to take you back to june in 1980.All reddy at that time i was busy to serch for the truth.I woke up this special day,it is summer in my country, and the birds was singing in the morningsun.I had j


n The Initiation of Healers(Amagqirha) Amagqirha have an important role in traditional Xhosa society. Becoming a igqirha is a complex process. Firstly, a person has to calling from his or her ancestors. This calling is expressed by a state called thwasa. The symptoms of thwasa are vague and differ between individuals. Symptoms include suffering fro

The Healers can never be replaced

The so to call modern world of sience and technology are trying to stop the significanse of the healer in our society.They trying to turn our head a way from the cultural value of having the healer as a guide,as an adivcor in spiritual and ancesterial mathers.By their lies and ignorancy,the so to call educated people fill our lives whit scorne and

Huge breakthrough for Swedish healer.

Hi. What i am about to wright this time Is a direct translation of an article in one of Swedens leading newspaper.The article is written by a journalist named Lisa Röstlund. The whloe matter is about a 74 year old doctor that aslo is a healer and use it in treatment of his patients.The headline is. "Healing-is no mumbo-jumbo". He is 74 years old a

Its only one place for i

As the people of europe lock them self up in hateredge and suspition of man kind,instead of blame their leaders they judge their fellow humanbeeings.They intensionally locking their borders,thoe they said,"If we unite europe we will open our borders to the world".Ahwoy! thoe i wonder wich world they ment,It seems like its not my world anyway,or may