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business resources

business resources

Blogger, small business owner and web developer currently writing from London, UK.


Business Resources

Business Resources

Small business resources, tips and tricks
business resources business resources
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Since : 17/05/2011

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What do you need to have an Online Shop

Going online and adding the Internet to the places where your customers can purchase from you is generally a must for many modern business. Thanks to the availability of cheap web hosting plans and e-commerce platforms that are free or almost free, having an online shop has never been easier. Here is everything you need to get your online shop work

Why Being Selective with Your Article Marketing Directory Submission Pays Off

Experienced marketers know that creating useful, topic, high quality content that people want to publish on their own websites is just one half of Article Marketing. The other half is making sure those articles reach the people who need content for their websites. But not anybody will do, the goal is being published on websites that are relevant fo

Ways Photoshop can add flair to your business website

Photoshop is a graphic and picture editor software created by Adobe. Is the tool of choice of many web designers and developers, due to the incredible large amount of possibilities it offers for image and graphic manipulation. But you don’t need to be a professional web designer to use Photoshop to add flair to your business website! Photoshop ca

How to Build an Online Brand

Having a strong brand on the Internet is a must for most business, and especially for those starting to make themselves known. It's also an important factor for the success of bigger brands, though admittedly they have an easier time of building it online since they can build on their existing offline image. But if you're just starting your Interne

Small business: How to make the most of your digital marketing time and budget

For many small business, marketing is both vital to get new clients and one of those areas where budget and time cuts are more likely to happen. It is understandable that when choosing where to spend money, a salesman salary will rank higher than AdWords budget. However, there are many ways small business can optimize the time and money spent on on

Benefits of Saas for Small and Medium Businesses

Software as a Service, or SaaS for short, is an emerging new technology that has become increasingly popular in the last 10 years. The major difference with traditional ways of distributing software is that the clients purchase not a license, but a subscription, and the software is offered as a service, executed remotely instead of at the client's

How to get the best Results from SEO Consultants

In many cases, working with a SEO consultant is the best strategy for a company that doesn't have the knowledge in-house. SEO consultants have years of experience and a network of contacts that will make optimising your site a quicker and more effective process. At the same time, it frees you from having to read and stay updated about the latest SE

Dos and Don’ts of Online Advertising

Advertising used to require a professional marketing department or agency to manage properly. However, with the increased popularity of user friendly ad-serving platforms such as Google Adsense and many business owners knowing their way around copy-writing and graphic software, more and more small business are managing their own advertising strateg

Negative Effects of E-Commerce

E-commerce can be a great way for a small businesses to increase their sales and widen their reach. It's also convenient for consumers, who can buy at their convenience, without having to leave their homes or spend the day fighting queues at the shopping mall to pick up the best deals. However, e-commerce also has negative effects on both consumers

Small & Home Business: Why should you make a priority of having a company website

As the owner of a small business, you may think that it's not worth it maintaining your own website. Common reasons given are the belief that it costs a lot of money, that they are difficult to maintain and manage or that you'll be tied to a costly IT person at times where budgets are thigh. But none of the above reasons is strictly true, and havin