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I am an elderly male. I use Linux almost all of the time. I am a "keen" gardener, though I do appreciate help from my wife and from others.


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poynings poynings
Articles : 86
Since : 08/05/2011
Category : Lifestyle

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Ursula has crossed the River

During the night which we shared in the Darlington Care Home, Rustington, she slipped away peacefully. Magically escaping from 3 months of misery and torment which she bore like a martyr, enduring a multitude of indignities, just to carry out her part of our marriage vow for our sakes. "Until death does us part ". A true Christian woman, wife, moth


I have a computer Forum at the Parish Church "Spire Room" every Tuesday afternoon, I have been doing it for nearly 2 years now and numbers attending have dwindled. One regulrt is Marion and last week she gave me her ancient G5 I-Mac. It is of 2003 vintage and has about 1 Gb of memory, slow and easy as an old horse goes up a hill. I call it the vene

Interpreting the last year or so with Titania

I think she chose our love signature and recited it very often. I used to decry it, in irritation because she was always saying it. "Can I compare thee to a summer's day......" It wasn't until we were together in the Care Home that I copied it on to my computer so that I could say it back to her without having to look it up in her book.We said it t

A strange thing happened last night!

I usually listen to the Proms each evening,and last night was no exception. I had been writing a few words about how Mum was gazing at me from her picture on the mantelpiece and from the picture of the family,when we were all together at Richard's house in Guildford. The particular piece of music had been composed dealing with the sunlami in Japan

More sadness

Doug Medhust's daughter Amanda died recently, so sad. Now David Farrant, a retired priest.who helped to keeo our Church going in the last period of interregnim. He has been in Worthing hospital since before Christmas.very sad for Dorothy.his wife.


I lost Ursula on the 25th of January in he early morning n the Darlington Care Home. She slipped away during the night. The night before ,a new incomer, burst into our room twice, and although he was strong, I coaxed him out. He came in again during the night, I thought that it was Ursula in her green dressing gown, but it was him again and I shout


Ursula has at last recovered from her fall and infection. It began on the day that she met her latest great grandson, Jacob. She fell in the bathroom whilst preparing, for bed. She lost consciousness and was taken by ambulance to Worthing Hospital. Today she has been pronounced free of infection and waits to be discharged. The fall and illness has

My friend John Adlam

We first met in Great Malvern. He joined me straight from Cambridge and we worked on measurements of cavity resonator Q values. At one time, Cullen, (later Prof at Sheffield, whom we once visited together by car from Abingdon) came to the Leas to calibrate something or other. John insisted on including my name on a paper with Mullett. He was persua

Great Malvern Days 1949

I had been an apprentice at Marconi's Chelmsford and studied for my B.Sc part time at Birkbeck College in London. I travelled up by train several times per week to attend classes and do practicals. I attempted to get a job by attending a Civil Service board and was offered a job as an AEO but never continued with my application. (This was held agai

Recovered wireless connection to my Edimax ip camera!

A very long time ago I acquired an Edimax tp camera. Due to finger trouble I received 2. So I sent one to my grandson and he wrote an instruction guide for it. Subsequently I lost the knack of setting it up wirelessly so always had to ethernet connect it to a router. My nephew was here and again we had no luck. However after he left I managed to do