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Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Mind

Looking at the world with a vision of simplicity and honesty; appreciating the wonders of the glorious creation all around.


Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Mind

BeautifulMind, as the name suggests, is a reflection of the world around us, as seen with a characteristic vision comprising of utter simplicity and innocence; echoing some of the good things that have been laid out for us without a price to pay; won
Beautiful Mind Beautiful Mind
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Since : 10/09/2010

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Life @ Work

Preface Life @ Work is a retrospective of my personal experiences at the various places I have worked in my career so far. ------------------- X -------------------- Almost everyone would be aware of the timeless phrase “Work-Life Balance”. The phrase seems to have become the mantra in modern times. While this may represent a pertinent style fo

The friends that were...

They were the ones who we trusted first when we stepped out of the confines of our home; with them we found our heart and mind resonating in symphony; they were the ones who made us feel important with every syllable that we uttered; with them we experienced the joy of today and the apprehension of a tomorrow. Yes, they were our friends of yesterda

The Perennial Magi - Past, Present & Future...

The Perennial Magi Human race has been perpetually weak in all accords; unsure of its place in the universe, unaware of the laws guiding it, and ignorant of the ways to establish balance with its milieu. This, in general, is the underlying nature of the human mind, its soul within and the life it leads - always transient, never stable and ever igno

Youth with the golden spoon

Youth in contemporary India is profoundly lucky. If this statement strikes you as an overstatement; think twice, maybe more. Let us do the thinking together. Let us analyze the recent past, the ever hanging present, and the foreseeable future, in order to validate this little hyperbole. Let us go back in time to the last decade of the twentieth cen

A day in her life...

She wakes up when the first rays of the nascent morning sun touches her sublime face. Her first reaction would be to squirm a little on either side of bed, stretch her arms to the full and explore the region beside her to see if mamma and papa are there to cuddle her amidst the beginning of a bright new day. Then the very first words of the day wou