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English Day by Day

English Day by Day is designed for school students to improve their performance in the English language.
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Morning Routine

Hi guys, today we finished the lesson about your morning routine. We wrote many possible questions to ask and also some answers. We added some adverbs of frequency to modulate your answers and started to talk about TV programmes. Unfortunately, we haven't had time to finish everything that I would have wanted to teach you. But LUCKILY, I will be te

How to use an online dictionary

Hey guys, today we finished the activity about how to use an online dictionary. I hope you will consider using them wisely and not just the integrated translator... See you tomorrow. Mr Hattais.
Who were they? - Famous celebrities from around the globe

Who were they? - Famous celebrities from around the globe

Hi guys, today we finished working on the Royal family (you had to correct some sentences to say if they were right or wrong). Then we continued the lesson with some famous people throughout history with: 1- George Washington (he was the 1st president of the USA) 2- Diana Spencer (Prince William and Prince Harry's mother; she died in a car crash in

The Biggest Liar Contest

Hi guys, today we started the preparation for "The Biggest Liar Contest" that will take place tomorrow. You had to invent a crazy story, a lie about something that happened to you. Tomorrow, you will have to appear as truthful as possible when narrating your story to the class and we will elect "the biggest liar" of all time. Get ready for your fab

The Biggest Liar contest

Congratulations to Séverin who has won the biggest liar contest with his incredible story... He's already met the president of Russia and now they are friends. He calls him every Saturday and he has even invited him to go to his villa in Hawaii for the summer... Of course... :) I wish you the best for tomorrow and Friday's exams. Take care, Mr Hat

Tangled + the biggest liar contest

Hey guys, today while 3 of you were preparing their story for the biggest liar contest, the other 3 watched the beginning of a movie: "Tangled" with Rapunzel as the lead character. Congratulations to Nadjid who won the 1st prize in the contest! ____________________ Homework: - continuer à parler et écrire anglais est indispensable pour vous cet

The biggest liar contest! And the winner is...

And the winner is... Aurélia! Congratulations to her for talking about her fake meeting with Ellie Goulding back stage at a concert she attended this year. Now they are best friends... Of course, and I'm the Queen of England...! Just kidding! =) __________________ Homework : - des petites révisions cet été par le biais d'un cahier de vacances "
Rapunzel - A fairy tale

Rapunzel - A fairy tale

Hi guys, today we watched some parts of the movie: "Tangled" featuring a fairy tale character: "Rapunzel", a beautiful princess stolen by a witch when she was a baby. You had to comment on the story and I have to say you did a pretty good job. Keep it up next year. I wish you the best for your upcoming exams. Take care, Mr Hattais.
Une nouvelle version de votre site!

Une nouvelle version de votre site!

Hi everyone, a new version of your favorite site is now available at: Think about updating your bookmarks. It will now be a blog for English, Italian , AND Spanish! Great, isn't it? Thanks for following us and let us know your opinions and ideas in the comment sections of the new blog. Merry back-to-school to y'a