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Can see the humor in almost any situation. Love performing on the stage. Done stage plays, stand up, two short films. Broadcaster for 17 years.




A 60 year old man still with a sense of humour that doesn't take himself too seriously. Loves to entertain. Lifelong actor. Former broadcaster. Loves to travel.
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I find it strange that some people who seem to have every good thing the world has to offer seem to be miserable. Others that seem to have nothing but the bare essentials seem to be very happy. Why is that? You could probably buy several hundred books on how to be happy, or successful or content or how to achieve peace of mind. The self help indust
The Sunday Drive

The Sunday Drive

The Sunday Drive I think it's time to revive a tradition from my youth. When I was a kid we would pile into the car on Sunday afternoon and go for a long drive. No particular destination in mind. It might be a historical site or the home of family friends. Maybe a local lake for a swim or a trip to a joint that served soft ice cream. My wife and I

Build 'em Up

There are far too many people that are ready and willing to tear others down. I know a few people that always make a disparaging comment when you compliment someone else. I don't get it. What do you have to gain by saying terrible things about someone else. I have seen some very good people just give up and walk away from a job or relationship beca

Finding Your Element

We often struggle with the meaning of life. We try to figure out why were here. What are we meant to do. I just watched "Finding Your Element" with Sir Ken Robinson on Netflix. I found what he had to say profoundly interesting. So much so that I watched the whole video twice. He made some interesting observations about the difference between doing


It is often said that, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." The literal meaning of this statement is, "The perception of beauty is subjective." Shakespeare in Love's Labour Lost, 1588 said, "Beauty is bought by the judgement of the eye, not utter'd by base sale of chapmen's tongues. Benjamin Franklin, in Poor Richard's Almanac, 1741 wrote: Beaut


Do you ever lie on your back on the lawn, look up at the clouds and imagine that the clouds are different creatures? A good imagination can be a powerful tool. Imaginative people tend to be the ones that can solve problems, invent new devices and come up with new ways of doing things as circumstances require them. I find it interesting how many eng

Take Stock, Review, Plan

Time passes quickly. Are we headed in the direction we want to be headed in? Have you been able to check anything off of your "Bucket List?" In our busy lives how can we know the answers to these questions if we don't occasionally stop and review. I am guilty of not taking enough time to see if I am accomplishing my goals. I tend to feel like I am


"To everything there is a season....Turn Turn Turn." The Birds" (Quoting Ecclesiastes from the Bible.) Here in West Central Saskatchewan, Canada, it is time to put our gardens to bed for the winter. Fall is upon us as the colours of the leaves still on the trees will witness. We put all the mulch from around our yard into the garden and till it in.

Freeze Dried Laundry: It's a Canadian Thing

My wife and I were out for dinner at a friends home. After dinner conversation meandered all over the place. Eventually, we were talking about the `good old days` which may not have been so good but are still remembered fondly. When we were kids everybody had a clothes line. Many families had a wringer washer. Kids today have no idea what a wringer


"I need my beauty sleep." "That's for sure." Sometimes sleep is simply elusive. You can't quiet your mind. Life's trials are wearing you down and your worrying is keeping you awake,. Maybe a full moon keeps you awake. Perhaps you suffer from a sleep disorder of some kind. I can always tell when I'm not getting enough sleep because I stop dreaming.