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I am retired schoolteacher deeply into horticulture, spiritual matters and history. I am keen on walking and reading. I am married with four adult children.


frank beswick

frank beswick

The blog of Frank Beswick. It deals with my interests in religious, philosophical spiritual matters and horticulture/self-reliance
frankbeswick frankbeswick
Articles : 165
Since : 12/04/2011
Category : Religions & Beliefs

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Dealing with potato blight

Blight is recognized by brown withered blotches on potatoes and other members of the Solanaceae family, such as tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. If the plants are left in the ground the whole plant withers and falls, with the spores dropping into the soil where they find their way into the tubers, rotting them. Prevention. Firstly,it is useful to

Taking on a new plot

Well, I have been thinking about it for a while, and now I have taken the plunge. To add to my 250 square yards I am adding a half plot of 125 square yards. It is the right half of a long plot as you look from the path. So what are the problems and benefits. We have plenty of spare land since the council raised the rents, and this plot had been neg


May is a glorious month. The weather has been warm and the ground dry. I have had to bring my son along. He is thirty six and,let's face it, faster than I am. I let him get on with the watering while I dealt with the planting. It took ages today, as England has been going through a warm, dry patch. I am glad of a younger man, and am hopeful that hi

Trafford Allotment Federation March 1st

Friends, I will commence with the state of the Federation. As you know the atmosphere within it is pleasant and there is no acrimony, but the size of the Federation is still small. Not many sites feel any interest in joining, and I have managed to recruit but one new member this year. So as we are all aware that Trafford allotments need a political

January in the garden 2017

I must admit, a combination of bad weather and a virus has curtailed my gardening activities in early January. Not that there is much to do. I needed to continue digging over my new [second] plot and get some paths laid on the old plot. The virus had taken something out of me, but a day or so ago I was recovered enough to go the allotment. The rati

Spring at Chadwick Park

We can tell now that Spring is really here, the equinox has passed and the clocks gone forward, but nature has her own clocks. There are the first stirrings of growth. The perennials in my flower bed are surging up, but so are the weeds. First of the weeds is ground elder, this edible perennial grows under the nearby road and comes into my allotmen

Plant nutrients

Having the right balance of plant nutrients is essential to the production of vegetables and flowers.There are several main nutrients. Carbon is provided through CO2 and water goes with it as the two interact with sunlight to drive photosynthesis. But there are three big ones: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, known as NPK. When you see the NPK r

Trafford Allotment Federation news

At the meeting on the 30th November the officers were re-elected, with Frank Beswick as chair and Noelle Ryder as treasurer. The secretary's post is still vacant. The main issue discussed was the development of housing in Trafford as part of the Greater Manchester Spatial Plan. The Federation seeks to know how allotments will be affected by the dev

The New Plot: a few weeks on.

Well,we have been working hard to prepare the plot for the coming season. It has not been too hard and most of the initial digging is done, bar one section that was frozen by frost, but there is not much to do. But the digging has been to one spade depth down, and so it is relatively shallow. The reason why? Pan. When a piece of earth is tilled for