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I am retired schoolteacher deeply into horticulture, spiritual matters and history. I am keen on walking and reading. I am married with four adult children.


frank beswick

frank beswick

The blog of Frank Beswick. It deals with my interests in religious, philosophical spiritual matters and horticulture/self-reliance
frankbeswick frankbeswick
Articles : 186
Since : 12/04/2011
Category : Religions & Beliefs

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Gardeners and the Beast from the East

28 Feb 2018 Europe is taking a serious weather battering from a very unpleasant and unusual weather pattern flowing in from Siberia. High pressure air is sweeping down and bringing snow with it, some of it serious. Part of Scotland have received a red alert, meaning danger to life, and some other areas of Britain are on amber alert. In my low lying

Progress on the new plot.

The situation with the weedy, abandoned plots on either side of mine has greatly improved. The neighbouring half plot tomy left has been taken by a man who has dug it well and cleared the weeds, and the neighbouring plot on the other side is in the process of being cleared. This is a great help to me as the weeds now will not spread from their plot

Theft on Allotments

Well, this time the burglars got me. They have been round a few times before, raiding sheds, but as I only have a large storage container until now they have left me alone, but this time desperate to find something worth stealing they broke in. It was not locked, as I keep nothing of value in it, only odds and ends, some cheaper tools and so on. Bu

After the Bad Weather

Well, the Beast from the East has been and gone, and I can feel Spring in the air. Andrew and I went to the allotment with some trepidation, fearing wind damage. We were relieved, as the winds, though persistent, had not been not too strong, and so the previous week's repairs to the greenhouses had survived. But one of my two plastic storage boxes

The sweet potatoes

My gardening friends were gloomy, but adamant."You'll get lots of leaves and a mass of vines, but there will be nothing to show for it, no tubers at all. You'll see!" I persevered with the five sweet potato slips planted in compost-filled pots in my greenhouse, watered them and fed them with pelleted chicken manure. Sure enough, the vine and the le

Servicing the Greenhouse in Autumn

I left the tomatoes until the cold air had slowed them to a halt. It has been a good year for the greenhouse, an eight by six foot structure. It now needed clearing ahead of winter. I cleared some weeds from the area around it, for it is amazing how weeds manage to spring up near structures, where they cannot be as easily hoed out as can weeds in o

First Plantings of Spring

Late February 2018. North West England.Low altitude. I was recently concerned when a leading gardening presenter made a mistake on television, for when asked in January what could be planted, he suggested that maybe some onion sets could be. I checked with an expert, who confirmed my view that January is too early, for a cold snap, such as we are h

Thoughts on next year's gardening

Autumn is the time to plan, but not to set your plans in stone, for there can be reflection during Winter and early Spring.The flower bed may need renewal, so there is a case for waiting until the heliopsis have died back and then digging them up. I will plant smaller flowers that do not take the light from other plants.Behind the flower bed the he

After Storm Ophelia

My area of Britain was fortunate not to suffer much from the storm that hit Ireland, as the North West of England only took the side of the storm, though coastal regions suffered the worst. We checked with Maureen's relatives in the Irish Republic and found that one had lost two trees on her farm, while another suffered flooding in her coastal dist

Mid-Autumn Work

I was late starting allotment work today as my local member of parliament had invited me to a meeting on religious persecution, so that took up the morning.When it had finished I ate a quick meal and then went to the allotment. First job was to find and speak to Rick,the plotholder who cuts the grass paths.I have let him deposit the grass cuttings