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Yuliang Wang

Yuliang Wang

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Yuliang Wang Yuliang Wang
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Zhong1 Qiu1 Jie2: The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is, in hanbridge mandarin called Zhong1 Qiu1, being one of the most important Festivals.The festival takes place on the 15th day festival in China,second only to the Spring of the eighth month on the Chinese traditional calendar,marking the middle of autumn,thus receiving the name The traditional calendar contains fo

Learning a cultural Chinese word Nian2

Hello, everybody! Welcome to this edition of happy online Chinese learning lesson. Today, we will show you an important word for Chinese learners coming from different countries in the world. Can you guess what the word is? Yes, it is 年 which should be read as nian2. So do you know something related with this word? Do you know how to use it in da

Wish you to be a pair of bi3 yi4 bird!

Welcome to the new edition of mandarin Chinese for children. This is your lovely Chinese teacher Linda. Sometimes as you attended a Chinese wedding hosted by Chinese people, the host of the wedding usually says such a kind of famous poem with a big smile on the face: Chinese character: 在天愿作比翼鸟, 在地愿为连理枝. Chinese pinyin: Z

The Emperors Yan and Huang

Throughout Chinese history, which you can learn from our mandarin hanbridge lessons online, two people are believed the primogenitors of the Chinese nationality (Yan Emperor) and Huang Di (Yellow Emperor).According to legend in old times, Yan Di was the chief of the Jiang tribe.It is said that when the mother of Yan Di was visiting 华山(Hua

Chinese character (chun1) the spring

Hey friends, it’s time to begin our happy online Chinese learning lesson. Can you guess what the today’s key word is? What kind of interesting stories will be told by our Chinese online teacher? Please follow us for more information. Let us begin it with a popular Chinese song’s lyrics: “where is the spring?” Yeah, today we are going to l

Let us learn a Chinese word Yang2 in 2015

Hello and welcome to our happy hanbridge mandarin online study center. This is our head teacher liu2 juan1 who is going to share you with the related culture of today key character 羊(yang2) because of an important fact that 2015 is the year of the goat in Chinese lunar calendar. As far as the Chinese old written language concerned, the word does

A very warm Chinese character An1

It’s time to start the Chinese class for kids online in our “Happy Chinese” language online lessons. I am your Chinese teacher Mr. Li. I am very pleased to introduce today’s key word and I believe that this word is as important as some other Chinese expressions of language such as Xie4 Xie4(thank you), Ni3 Hao3 (hello). Before we start, I w

The elegant address of wife in Chinese

Hey, friends! Welcome to our online Chinese lesson center where so many Chinese lovers will have access to the most native Chinese language and expressions. In this edition of discussion, we will share some details on how to address your wife in Chinese. That will be fresh and interesting! Let us start. Above all, among many Chinese online lessons,

Celebrations of Chong2 Yang2 Festival in China

Welcome to our online Chinese cultural lessons in our Chinese platform. In China, there has been a festival called Chong2 Yang2 (double Yang) festival. This is the exclusive festival of the elderly whose age beyond 60 years old being regarded as the aged people. Now that it is a festival, it also embraces many spending ways. Today, we will introduc

Da4 Yu3 controls the Water.

Hello, friends. Today’s content of Chinese for children online lesson is an famous fairy tale. A very longtime ago,during rule of Emperor Yao,the people often met disaster. The rising flood waters.Emperor Yao quickly convened with the leader of every tribe about how to manage the floods, until finally it was Gun whom was unanimously elected