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here you can find powerful converters like iPad video converter, tod converter mac, rm converter mac, mp3 converter mac,amv converter, creative zen video converter, and the like.


Professional audio video converters

Professional audio video converters

This blog presents you amazing converters for your iPad, JVC camcorder, mp3, mp4 player, Creative Zen, or the way to convert rm, rmvb, etc. files for playback, editing, uploading, etc.
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Since : 14/01/2011

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Where can I get a perfect Ali MTV VIDEO converter?

I got a MP3 player for my birthday that plays video. The only way I can transfer PLAYABLE videos (And it says in the booklet and I've tried others) that it needs to be converted and transferred by Ali MTV VIDEO converter. I've Googled it and all but before I download anything I want to make sure it's the converter I need. Can you tell me where I ca

Convert and Insert videos in MP601-2G i-Pod

Hi, I just bought a new copy MP601-2G i-Pod, I wanna insert some videos in it, supportive format is MTV!? Can anyone help me to tell some site where I can get the videos of this format or MTV converter, in the Booklet Its given that VIDEO FORMAT SUPPORT--MTV:128x128,25fps,,,,,,,,,,,plz help.................. MTV is file format supposedly created to
How to fix “too little virtual memory” in Windows

How to fix “too little virtual memory” in Windows

If your PC keeps on hanging in every interval. It shows an error that "your system is running with too little virtual memory". What troubleshooting can you do and what fix can you apply to make your PC run without any obstacles? Here the answer is based on the assuming that you're running Windows XP, and seeing a message stating "Your system is low

Convert VRO to iMovie .mov for further editing on Mac

VRO file format A DVD-VR recorded disc contains a 'DVD_RTAV' directory in the root of the file system, in which a single 'VR_MOVIE.VRO' file exists, containing the raw audio and video data for all video recordings on the disc. The recording metadata along with navigation data to represent playlist, programs and so on are also stored in the 'VR_MANG

Convert JVC Everio TOD to iPad MP4 with TOD to iPad Converter

If you have a JVC camcorder and an iPad in coincidence, if you wanna import those TOD files shot by your JVC, we strongly recommend you iOrgsoft TOD to iPad converter. If you wanna know more about TOD file, iPad, and the amazing TOD to iPad converter, the following FAQs will present you the details. Q. What’s TOD? A. The TOD file type is primaril

WMA to MP3 Converter Mac, Convert/Change WMA to MP3 for iPod

Q 1. How can I change a .wma file into a .mp3 file? I have recorded my voice and it has saved as a .wma file. This is a problem as I can't open it into iTunes so I can upload it onto my iPod. Is there any way that I can change it into a .mp3 file so it will go onto iTunes? Or any other way that I can get it to iTunes/my iPod. Please help, thanks. Q

The Way to Fix a Wet Cell Phone

If your cell phone has been dropped in the can or spun in the washing machine, how to fix it and save yourself the cost of a new phone. With cell phones getting more complex and therefore more expansive many of us can’t afford to replace a fried phone for the unsubsidized price. Don’t wait until it’s too late, learn how to save your phone now

How to create/make a proper pdf portfolio?

Q 1. I know that PDF portfolios are just as common as a tangible book portfolio. But how do I make one Photoshop? Acrobat? Do I convert my Photoshop files to JPEG? What size should I make my pages? 8x11? 10x13? Resolution? How many megabytes is an acceptable size for a PDF? Q 2. I have 6 images that I want to put together in one pdf file. I can cre

iPad 2 and iPhone 5 with Dual-Core GPU?

So what, exactly, could be powering the iPad 2's alleged 2048-by-1536 resolution Retina Display? At the heart of the new device—as well, the iPhone 5—allegedly sits the A5 chip, Apple's upgrade and successor to the A4, which currently powers the iPad, the iPhone 4, the Apple TV, and the fourth-generation iPod Touch. The A5 itself is a system-on
Recover lost or deleted files from Windows

Recover lost or deleted files from Windows

How to Recover all my photos...? S o my family went on a trip took some pictures and cut pasted them on a lap-top's desktop.. they did the same thing for 3 days (6 times) and when they cut pasted the last number of pictures to the lap-top the rest of the photos were gone!! first I wanna know how did it happen and the how can I get the pictures back