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Tina Vu

Tina Vu

Enjoy life, live it to the fullest.


Tina's Advice Page

Any questions or topics you'd like me to discuss: As you can see this is my advice page where I give advice to people and also talk about my life, I hope you enjoy!!
Tina Vu Tina Vu
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Since : 31/01/2015
Category : Lifestyle

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I'm back- 05/12/19

Hello, it's been a while guys. Thank you to everyone who still visits my blog from time to time to read my blogs despite, not being active on it anymore. I was thinking of coming back and doing blogs updating about my life because oh boy, it's been interesting and also back to answering emails to people wanting me to give them advice about their li

Dealing with unrequited love. 02/06/2017

Dear Tina, I've fallen in love with "Mark." (We are both in college.) He loves and appreciates all my quirks. He thinks I'm funny and constantly tells me how beautiful I am. Mark is the most amazing person I have ever met. Kind, polite, funny, humble, attractive, and ridiculously smart. Mark and I spend almost every day together, and we tell each o

Should I ask him out for lunch? 02/07/2017

Dear Tina, I have a huge crush on a resident doctor in our hospital. I am a research assistant, and we would occasionally bump into each other in the building. There has been no formal conversation like, "Hi! My name is ... "After three months of having a crush on him, I decided to add him on Facebook. He accepted my friend request in an hour (so m

Honesty. 02/10/2017

Dear Tina: I recently fell in love with a wonderful guy. Early in our relationship he asked me: "Is my penis the biggest you've ever been with?" I was so taken aback by the question, I gave him an honest comparison. Since then, our beautiful relationship has been tainted by his insecurity. Our problems have escalated from the penis issue to the 37-

Should I leave my steady job and pursue my dreams? 02/12/17

Dear Tina: I recently placed in the top 15 of the Miss M—— pageant, on my first try! I've just turned 25, and I'm smart and motivated, with a finance degree. I've been in the same analyst position at a Fortune 500 company since I was a junior in college. But here's the thing: I absolutely thrived on my double-workout regimen for my pageant prep

How do I make peace with my ex? 02/13/17

Dear Tina: I'm a high school dropout who managed to support myself and graduate Phi Beta Kappa from a very prestigious university. I'm now in my final year at one of the best law schools in the country, with a fantastic job lined up when I finish. Since I was a teen, I've been extremely independent—responsible, grounded, happy with my friends. Ju

Should I hold out for someone with more brains? 02/09/2017

Dear Tina I've met the man of my dreams. He's incredibly gorgeous, and we have amazing, mind-blowing sex nightly—and usually daily as well. He's kind, morally upstanding, open-minded, and accepting, without a cynical or jaded bone in his body. He's a hard worker, generous (he paid my rent when I was in a car wreck and couldn't work), and is alway

Did standing up for myself cost me my job? 02/11/17

Dear Tina: My belt has tools on it. I wear boots and Carhartts instead of heels and suits. And I love my work! But I was recently let go from my full-time job in the malecentric construction industry. My boss said he "couldn't afford to keep me on." But I have a sneaking suspicion it was more personal. There was a good deal of ribbing and joking in

Updating about my life- 05/13/19

Hey, Been over 2 years since, I had talked to you guys about my life. It's weird because last year I had the best and the worst year of my entire life and even to this day I haven't fully understand what happened, looking back now I'm proud of myself that I have pulled myself through the horrible times. To let you guys know I had a bad breakup last

Are these signs he likes me? 02/07/2017

Dear Tina, There's this guy I like at my company, and I'm not sure he likes me in return. Here are the facts: 1. He teases me. 2. He starts conversations with me that are not necessary. 3. He touches my back sometimes. 4. He cooked me dinner twice. 5. When I compliment other male coworkers in front of him, he says my compliments are wrong. 6. When