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An experiment in mindfulness
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A journey to mindfulness
whippedcream whippedcream
Articles : 29
Since : 20/06/2011

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Top mind hacks

I considered mind hacks to be small changes in life style which improve your mental state. Here are the best ones I have discovered - sport 5 times a week vegetarian diet cold showers drink plenty of water stoicism and most recently discovered - intermittent fasting

The last year in review

I signed a full time contract 1 year ago and at it took some adjustment at first. Within a few weeks, I was motivated and back on the goal achieving track. I began to think my emotion roller coaster life was over and that I had finally conquered myself. I made big progress in the areas of personal investment and taxation status, agreed on house imp

Game plan of life

Game plan of life Family Regular activities with children and friends Education goals planned and moving forward Wife happy with own activites and friends Babysitter, regular help Finance Clear picture of portfolio, fees, taxes, budget, and projections Constantly evolving investment strategy Earn at least as much as I spend All dividends and intere

Doldrums check list

When you are feeling down, verify you do enough of the following - Drinking water Exercise Cold showers Cold walks Eat fresh protein, vegetables and fruit Not over the recommended alcohol limit intermittent fasting - at least 11 hours per day

Since 2015-04-08 ...

Since 2015-04-08 ... I starting making changes to my lifestyle. Cold showers in the morning. No meat or fish, and choose more specifically healthy food. Running 10 km, aiming for 50 minutes, 1000m in the pool, 25 minutes. Generally sleep 6 hours per night. Alcohol limited to 1-2 drinks in the afternoon but only when not working. One caffeinated dri

Still improving

On the work side - my planning is much better than a year ago. I still miss some deadlines but the relevant people are informed in advance and no projects fall in to the unplanned deep blue ocean. I am very busy, focused and enjoyed 40 hours per week. They are talking about making my contract permanent in March. My son is doing much better at schoo

Don't forget to drink LOTS OF WATER

I tend to fall into a rut and forget this one. It's annoying to constantly go to the toilet and seems to interrupt whatever I am doing. It wakes me in the middle of the night and during the day my socks feel damp and clammy. However, it greatly improves my feeling of well-being and increases my energy levels. I tend to snack less and drink have a r

The best time

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago The second best time is today