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Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery Software

Kernel Data Recovery Software is an award winning data recovery software provider. Kernel product range includes Disk recovery, email recovery, MS Office recovery, Database Recovery, backup recovery and much more. It also provides excellent email mig


Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery Software
Data Recovery Software Data Recovery Software
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Since : 15/11/2010
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Password recovery made instant with free Outlook Express Password Recovery tool

Outlook Express is popularly being used as the most simplified email client. When one needs to create an email account in Outlook Express, he needs to enter the login and other details. At the time of email account creation, all relevant information like the username, password, mail server details etc. are feed in and the email account is created s

Accurate and expeditious migration of Groupwise user profiles to Exchange

In today’s competitive scenario, there is completely no scope of inappropriateness and inaccessibility as it might result in giving an edge to the competitors. As of today, email has become such an essential part of any organization’s communication system that any complexity related to it is unbearable for smooth functioning of work process. No

How to retrieve lost data in case of Tape backup disaster

For every businesses, need of data backup is essential, this includes emails, attachments, documents, legal papers, contacts, appointments, tasks and much more crucial information. Generally business owners maintain back up for the data in removable storage media like pen drives, hard disks and the most important tapes. Tapes provide user versatile

Computer Monitoring Software - Why it is so important?

You own a business and want to have a proper idea about every activity that occurs on your office computer system. But, the key question is – how you can perform this task? Being a manager, it is completely impractical to keep an eye on each employee and different activities that he or she does. In fact, it is nearly impossible to have a close wa

Tape Recovery Software – You must consider this alternative

It is very important to understand the fact that today taking backups has become very important and turn out to be very essential for overcoming disaster of losing data. In fact, it actually doesn’t matter whatever kind of hard drive you use, having an effective and secured backup system is very imperative to maintain the integrity of data and it

Rectify PDF Related Issues

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a tool using which you can work on PDF files. This powerful tool can be downloaded from Internet to open and read PDF files without spending money. You can open a PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader either by selecting File > Open option or by double-clicking the file. If you are trying to open the file by double-clicking then mak

How to Overcome Error 613 in Exchange Server

MS Exchange Storage Group contains Exchange databases, transaction log files and the associated system files. Now the important aspect that you need to keep in mind is that mailbox store in general comprises of two important file formats: Priv1.edb and Priv1.stm, where Priv1.edb files contain the content of MAPI messages and attachments along with

Resolving “Errors have been detected…” error

As we all know that MS Outlook uses a PST file to store emails, notes, contacts, calendar items, tasks, journals, and more. As a matter of fact, corruption in these PST files leads to a number of issues. A number of factors are responsible for corruption of Outlook PST files. Some of them are as follows: virus invasion, abrupt system shutdown, huma

How to make unusable OST file usable

Offline Storage Table (OST) file becomes inaccessible when user’s Outlook profile is deleted or damaged. Damage to the Outlook profile makes the OST file orphan, which cannot be opened using the new Outlook profile. That means the OST file becomes orphan and an orphan OST file cannot be opened with another Outlook profile. One can open it using t