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Joy Odom

Joy Odom

When I became a new creation, new believer, saved (any way you want to say it) I had some questions. I needed guidance and most of all I needed someone spiritually mature to guide me. Not condemn my every move or judge me by my past - I already had those people in my life. In 2 Corinthians Chapter


Saved but not perfect

Saved but not perfect

You may or may not agree with me on this, but I can see why so many "non believers" can be turned off by people who call themselves Christians. Sometimes, we get so zealous in our own idea of what a "good Christian" is, that people tune us out instead of us being able to tuning them in! I hope that this blog can anwer questions, give insight and most importantly - give truth! A Christian does not mean that you are perfect, superior or entitled to judge - it simply means that we strive everday to be better tomorrow than we were today!
Joy Odom Joy Odom
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God's promise

Sometimes we just need to be reassured! When we grow into maturity, we don't do it alone but it does seem that way. During those times, I feel like I am being nurtured from a distance. Our spiritual maturity is as individual as the faith that He has given us. Because we each have our own measure of faith, as our Father has planned this for His glor

Genesis 2:23-24

It's been a long time since my last blog, December 15, 2015! I had hoped that by taking some time, I would feel different but it hasn't happened. Genesis 2:23-24 23 Then the man said, “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”[i] 24 Therefore a man shall leave his fathe

During times of trials and hardships

Trusting God is an everyday, all the time and in all circumstances type deal. It's easy when things are going good. But when things get sideways, what do you do? My mind races in all directions at one time - my first thought is, "what am I going to do?" and then it comes to me! I'm going to choose to trust God for what His will is in my life. I've

What I've learned about HIStory

Gssshhh! So much has happened since I last blogged; yet the world is still spinning on its axis and here I am :-) I am certain that no one is sitting on the edge of their seats, wondering what my opinions are but I feel the need to share....... 1. What offends my God, is offensive to me! - bottom line 2. We must learn from our past to create a bett

Let's be REAL

I have been reading the Bible, in the order that it has been written, for some time now. I didn't begin to document the days until September. I began doing this for my personal reference but found that I get "caught up" on a lot of the passages. I believe this is God's way of showing me something that I need to work on or hear. For example, I began

Do not be silenced by fear!

First, Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Second, I hope that you find peace, knowledge and kinship in what is being shared. I am reachable, even though I am not a continuous blogger, as so many are. I know that when I start to get involved in blogs or articles what eventually happens is, instead of being encouraged or strengthen, I fin

I failed....

I lost my temper..........I cussed................I missed an opportunity to show grace or pray with someone or be a blessing. Any of these sound familiar? They sure are to me! I fail, fall down, say the wrong thing, don't do the right thing - ugh! It can be downright depressing! Lucky for us, God knows that we "need" Him everyday and in all that w

To join or not to join - this is a tricky question!

As mentioned before in "Church Shopping", finding a home church is not easy. For my husband and I, we both have different views on what our home church should be. We both realize that there isn't a perfect church (because there are no perfect people). There are three (3) reasons for holding back from joining a church: FOR ME! Are the teachers teach

None of us are promised tomorrow

Here it is, the time of year when people's hearts become a little softer. We all seem more compassionate; more aware of the homeless and forgotten. But, what if we kept Christmas in our hearts year round? It's with all the hustle and bustle of this time of year that I hear the words that I spoke to my husband, before he was my husband. It was our f

We are all ambassadors

Our relationship with Christ affects every aspect of our lives. I can see it in this way - because Christ died for me, because God forgave me, because in the beginning He said "Let US create man in OUR image....... (Genesis 1:26 - Representing the Holy Trinity) Tells me that I was planned from the beginning of time - regardless if my parents actual