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Angela D Morgan Allen

Angela D Morgan Allen

Angela is a 45 yr old mother of 3 sons ages 23, 21, &17. She was diagnosed with RRMS (Remitting-Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis in July 2003-12 years ago. Angela is confined to a wheelchair more -often-than-not these days, due to terrible balance, tremors in her hands and body, as well as extreme pain


Enabling the Disabled

Enabling the Disabled

Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting. I'm Angela and my blog will provide current, as well as relevant information and resources for the handicapped community. No, it's not just for one specific disability, for there is not one that is better or worse than another. I myself am afflicted with several major disabilities and minor conditions I will do my best to bring attention to all of them over time, but please forgive me if I forget some, and feel free to bring them to my attention. this is intended to be a community for disabled individuals, to share information and resources for the betterment of our lives, to make friends, relate and feel comfortable. Welcome and enjoy! Angela D Morgan Allen
Angela D Morgan Allen Angela D Morgan Allen
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Since : 08/03/2015

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Angela's MS Story: Part Three

I'm going to attempt a finale here. To make a long story short; Over the last thee years, the MS has progressed  significantly. I now walk with a cane or walker when possible, and use a wheelchair otherwise, which is more-often-than not these days. I will refrain from going on and on. Suffice it to say, I've learned a lot not only about MS and dis


i would like to apologize to anyone who follows or sees this blog right now. It has fallen into a dire state of neglect. the reason being...I am currently pursuing a B.A in Communications/Professional Writing online at Southern New Hampshire University. It's an accelerated course, which means one class is equal to two classes, because the normal 16

MS and Its Sidekick Depression

What Is Depression? According to the Oxford Dictionary, when depressed you are severely despondent, often feeling hopeless and inadequate. Some synonyms for depression include: Unhappiness Sadness Melancholy Misery Sorrow Woe Gloom Low spirits Despair Desolation If left untreated, depression can advance to the point of mental disturbances or suicid

I'm on YouTube!

My phone interview with Katrina Smith, the hostess of Living With, An Internet talk show that advocates for people living with disabilities.


I would like everyone to know that we're going to focus on one disabilty or topic a week. This week just happens to be MS because having it, I'm more familiar with it than other conditions; so please feel free to contribute posts. And if you would, please send, through a post or comment, disabilities and topics you would like to see covered. Thank

I Face an Invisible Foe

I face an invisible foe MS is her dread name, Not sure what she wants Nor from whence she came She's as quiet as air Subtle as a snake, When I'm least alert She moves in for the take. Chipping silently away at Protective nerve sheathes, MS is a hungry predator On myelin she teethes. Stalks me in the morning Haunts me thru the night, Lingers all  t

Angela's MS Story: Part One

I woke up one blustery March morning in 1999, attempting to slide quietly out of bed without waking my second-shift husband up, so I could grab a quick shower before getting my six year old son up for school. But I couldn't move my left leg for a few minutes due to a burning and tingling sensation running through it. I laid there wondering what was

MS=Many Scars

Silent, sneaky, tricky, unpredictable, painful, humiliating, debilitating, DISABLING.These are just a few characteristics of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an as-of-yet incurable, and sometimes life-threatening disease of the Central Nervous System (CNU). There are currently over 2 million cases of MS globally, which are more prevalent in women than men.

Angela's MS Story: Part Two

Up until two years ago, I was still in denial of my diagnosis of MS. I didn't talk about it, read about it, or even think much about it. It wasn't that bad, so surely the Dr. had misdiagnosed me.  As a matter of fact, I convinced myself this was true.I was too busy being a wife and the mother of two young boys, I didn't have time for this nonsense