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Lucy Spahn

Lucy Spahn

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Which physiotherapy institute would you join,
Lucy Spahn Lucy Spahn
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Since : 19/03/2015
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Physiotherapy training at public training institutes

Some physiotherapy students aren’t so lucky to take training from institutes that have high success rates. They know that the centers that have proven track record of providing success are the best for physiotherapy training but they are helpless as they don’t have enough money to fund their studies. [ More ]

What is the roadmap to success in physiotherapy exam?

A physiotherapy student needs at least two years of intense training at a leading physiotherapy institute to get success in the exam. Average fee of an institute is 1500 Euros hence the student would need paying at least 3000 Euros to take training and pass the test.....continue

Which institute should you join for physiotherapy training?

It isn’t difficult to find an institute for taking training for physiotherapy test but if you want to achieve success in first attempt then you should be focused in your attempt. Be serious in your approach and give your best. [ More ]

Physiotherapists can work as personal trainers

A physiotherapist can work as a pain therapist in a hospital or clinic. Also he can work as an instructor in sports clubs and also he can make a career as a personal trainer where he would help people in improving their mobility....continue

How should a physiotherapy student prepare for entrance test?

How much training affects a student’s preparation for physiotherapy exam? There are many physiotherapy training institutes and almost every student aspiring to become a physical therapist takes training to pass the difficult entrance test. [ Read More ]

Understanding value of tuition for physiotherapy contest

Every year thousands of students appear in physiotherapy competition but only a few hundred of them get the opportunity to study physiotherapy. If you are appearing for this test then you should make a roadmap to success so that you taste success at first attempt.......continue

Physiotherapy exam puzzle simplified for students

Students preparing for physiotherapy entrance exam are always in a hurry. They look for the institute that makes tall claims and join the institutes that promise expected results. [ Read More ]