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Real Opinions

Real Opinions

We are a group of friends from all around the world. Most of us currently work in London. This is our my opportunity to freely and openly tell the world our real opinions on matters that we read about in the news. With no restrictions.
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Real Opinions

Real Opinions

A group of Friends writing their real opinions and sharing it with the world.
Real Opinions Real Opinions
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Since : 18/11/2011

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Defending the Deficit

In the recent European Union summit, discussions circulated primarily around hard budget deficit rules and the proposal to introduce a “deficit limit”. For some reason it is generally accepted that government deficit’s and spiralling government debt levels are the core cause of the sovereign crisis looming over Europe. But is this really true

Europe -Where’s there’s Smoke there’s fire.

Over the last 18 months this Euro crisis has had its ups and downs, but the story remains the same: Every time Europe takes a step in the right direction it takes several steps in the wrong direction. Yesterday’s impressive Spanish and Italian bond sale made me naïvely start crediting the ECB for their three year refinancing operation, and I bri

Europe – Renew your vows or file for a Divorce

At its time of establishment, the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) was political driven and not economically driven. A number of economists predicted the EMU's current problems twenty years ago, if only we had listened then... Earlier this week Italy paid 8 percent to sell three-year debt. To put things in perspective, an individual with a decent

Dear America - A letter from an old friend

Dear America , Even though we don’t always wish to admit it, your cultural footprint is staggering, impacting us and the rest of the world in many ways. We communicate in English wherever we travel and we all have a romanticised view of the southern accent. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram while the younger generation are regular Snapchatters.

Egypt's Revolution 2.0

The euphoria that surrounds Tahrir Square has reached new heights, new levels that exceeded those even experienced back in February 2011 when President Mubarak was ousted. Again, the army has chosen to back the people, placing Mohamed Morsi as well as other senior Muslim Brotherhood officials under house arrest and swearing in a technocratic interi


The image of that little boy broke so many – Politicians and regular folk all over the world reflected long and hard after viewing that damning video – a 30 second clip of a still 3 year old boy woke the otherwise silent voice in many. I dedicate this post to Aylan Kurdi - your life little man was not in vein. You made the world wake up. The UK

Europe fails Greece

Tell Greeks that there is no such thing as bad publicity and they will most likely disagree. A country contributing only 2% of Europe’s GDP is receiving a disproportionately large share of global media financial coverage and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Revelations of (i) an unfit public sector operating with historically generous civ

France- The Power of Persuasion is all they have Left.

Mr Sarkozy inherited a large and diversified French economy with strong domestic demand and high productivity levels. Mr Sarkozy’s inability to tackle labour market rigidities and his unwarranted spending policy to the financial crisis has caused French debt metrics to significantly worsen in the last years. In 2010 deficit ratios reached 7%. As

Who’s to blame for the big bad balance sheet reduction?

The IMF has raised concerns relating to the expectation that European Banks will drastically reduce their balance sheets. The fear in short is that banks are expected to tighten credit facilities and off load securities, thereby reducing their balance sheets and thus bolster their capital position- Although good news from the view of the banks, thi

Social Media Ethics - Or Lack Of!

Have you ever been out with a friend and received less attention than their bloody smart phone? Whoever seems to be writing on whatsapp or Facebook Chat seems to fit higher in the peaking order than the person sitting in front of the culprit! I will never forget an incident where I was informing a close friend that I had recently broken up with my