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Francesca Quarto

Francesca Quarto

Italian lady loves Celtic folk lore. Words are the seeds; books are the flowers of their planting. Magic has always poked at my imagination and so I follow the rainbows not for the gold, but for the faeries!


Celtic Wizard

Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Author, Francesca Quarto, striving to write where Fantasy lives! I believe words are the seeds of all magic and I've planted them in my series, "Witch of Appalachia". "Wolf Master of Iron Mountain", Book 1; "Dangerous Dreaming", Book 2; "Blood of the Dragon", Book 3. "Bringing Forth the Dead" Book 4, "Blood Moon Rising" Book 5, Book 6, "Celtic Fire!" For the adult in you, "Love's Prey" a steamy Paranormal Thriller!
Francesca Quarto Francesca Quarto
Articles : 216
Since : 13/04/2015
Category : Literature, Comics & Poetry

Articles to discover

Me, Wicked and the Dark Angel by Francesca Quarto

"My story starts out with me, Wicked and the Dark Angel. But before I launch into my tale, let me say, here and now, Wicked is my mischievous baby sister. I've been watching over her now...well...since I started robbing banks and shooting folks at fifteen, to feed her and me. Our folks were burned up working the fields in the Panhandle bottoms and

Living In the Time of Plague by Francesca Quarto

By now, there isn't a soul connected to the world news in one way or another, who isn't aware that we are living in perilous times. A strange killer has been harvesting lives among the populations of the world. The scythe in its grip sweeps back and forth like the surges of ocean waves upon the shore. Many thousands have already fallen under its si

Killing the Last Hero: A Prologue by Francesca Quarto

How I came to be the unofficial biographer for the life and times of Patrice Amundi is for another story entirely. For now, I am simply concerned with telling you about the last hero of our hard won Revolution. Though our country is barely a speck on your maps, and even less in your memory, it is a place of great beauty and magic to us Farlanders.

Her Guardian Angel by Francesca Quarto

Her eyes darted away from the group, up to the high windows. They had the same heavy security meshing found throughout the Center for Cognitive Health. It made her feel claustrophobic. Sitting straighter on the cold metal chair, she shifted, trying to find a comfortable position on its unyielding surface. Her audience squirmed on their own gray sea

And Now, A Plague by Francesca Quarto

"It won't just drop into your lap, you know? You have to put some effort and energy into it! And since you are the laziest man I have ever known, you'll never write more than one book and grocery lists!" The flimsy door banged shut, leaving behind the echo of her anger. It didn't really trouble Azad; she'd slammed lots of doors in his face, even as

The Last Ride Home by Francesca Quarto

"There's really no reason to follow me," Miranda said firmly to her friend. "Honestly, Betsy. I'll be fine. My car is just temperamental in this kind of weather. Some oil must have splashed onto the hot engine over these bumpy roads. Get out of this rain for heaven's sake and go home! I'll call you when I get to my sister's place." Her friend could

A Little Laughter Can't Hurt Much by Francesca Quarto

Lying in the hospital bed was beginning to take a noticeable toll on his attitude. Unfortunately, I was his first visitor that morning after the nurse finished his bed bath, and removed the bedpan. The pan was discreetly covered with a towel. The patient was grousing under his breath about his privacy being trampled, and trying unsuccessfully to co

The Trench by Francesca Quarto

"I don't see how you can help save me from the gallows, Penbrook. My story has been recounted in every yellow rag... even turned into one of those cheap Penny Dreadful serials, I'm told. The publisher is just waiting for the last chapter to be written, when the trap door opens beneath my feet. All know of my crazed actions. They cost me everything

The Stars Are Dying by Francesca Quarto

Captain's Log: HMS Star Chaser Twenty-ninth Cycle, Year of Apocalypse, Galileo Sea There is little time to do more than mark our identity here and the date of The Ultimate Cataclysmic Event. No time to list the names of my crew, who having served His Majesty with valor, have all preceded me in death. Alas, my only companion is my ghostly reflection
And Now There's Francesca Quarto

And Now There's Francesca Quarto

Out just in time for the short days and long nights ahead...A NEW Release of my latest Paranormal Thriller. "Dark Desire" is set in a small Louisiana Parrish with the mysterious and sinister Bayou creeping up to its doors. A hot romance chills under the cold, lustful eye of a handsome artist with a blurred past. Throw in a lover and an ancient Vood