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I had a sensible full-time job and taught pole dance too, just because I loved it... then MS snuck up on me, so much for that trapped nerve!


my MuSh

MS - PPMS, trials, changes & disability
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Allow me to introduce you to my MS a.k.a. MuSh #myMuSh

Let me start by saying, writing this particular blog has turned into a bit of a re-branding exercise for me. I'm not too sure my sarcasm was always understood (this condition has never actually been fun) then again, so much both mentally and physically has changed for me. MuSh is how I think about this illness and what it has done to my brain, quit

To pee, or not to pee: that is the question

Firstly, apologies to Shakespeare for messing with his words but giggling about these things is truly my best coping mechanism. Secondly, apologies that I’ve taken so long to write this but will probably be blogging like a mad woman in the coming weeks. Truthfully, between juggling the usual MS nonsense and being at the tail end of a clinical tri


My body is making some pretty poor decisions by my reckoning. Clearly, it cocked up good and proper with an MS diagnosis. After all, by definition an autoimmune disease means one’s own antibodies are attacking the body. I’d be really surprised if anyone diagnosed with a disease like this didn’t feel some anger about it, albeit mixed in with t

Reality bites… but possibly a little hope?

The real push to finally write this down started after I took place in a clinical trial last year. Going through all the blood tests etc. was ok but every time they did the ECG there was a concern and my blood pressure was a little high. My BP was easy to sort out with low dose medication but I was referred to cardiology for my slightly damaged (?)

Real progress... finally!

I've been keeping a bit quiet, for a while now actually. This is mainly due to a big old slap around the chops from reality, so I've been a bit grumpy. It seems denial creeps in quite nicely, what with trying to keep a smile on your face. In basic terms, I'm losing my battle with my mobility. Grumpy is sometimes an understatement on that score, esp

The good, the bad and the ugly

This my 13th blog and it’s time I get something off my chest, it’s been a niggly irritation ever since the day I was diagnosed. So apologies to anyone that thought it’d be a light-hearted read but I have to get it out the way and then I can move onto something a bit more cheerful. It’s one of the reasons I can take a while to write my blogs

The ugly truth

When I was first diagnosed with MS seven and half years ago, I saw this meme "I may have MS but MS does not have me", I immediately decided that summed it up for me. Everyone from family, friends, work colleagues to my old pole students told me how brave I was and how well I was coping... but now I have to admit that despite what I tried to maintai

Time for plan B

The last couple of blogs I’ve written have been quite serious in nature, not to mention a little infrequent. For that I’m sorry, but to me this feels the most sobering one yet. Monday (tomorrow!) marks five years since my diagnosis and it’s not without irony that the very next day, I have an appointment with Wheelchair Services. I’m really

Perspective, some big changes

I know I’ve mentioned this before but MS has really altered my perspective on a lot of things. Even on my worst days, I keep trying to find the positives. I don’t think I’ve ever been the complete optimist but I recognise that I’ve needed to try to stay positive, just to actually cope with MS on a day to day basis and also, to keep the ‘b

Mimic fasting (Fasting Mimicking Diet) – what it’s all about and is it worth it?

Firstly, apologies this has taken so long to get round to. I’ve not been in the best place emotionally – don’t panic tho, I’m OK but sometimes the harsh realities of MS really do steal your sunshine. I have lots to say and this is good stuff though, for a couple of reasons too. I decided to give mimic fasting, or a Fasting Mimicking Diet (F